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"Roesy has a relaxed..."

"Roesy has a relaxed, gentle-voiced singing style that evokes shades of Nick Drake without sacrificing its own originality"

- The Evening Herald

"The best of the lot..."

"Tender-hearted Irish singer/songwriters are two a cent but Roesy’s the best of the lot"

- RTE Guide

"the voice..."

"...armed with a crystalline pair of vocal chords..."

- The Irish Times

"Hot Press 'Colour me Colourful' review"

“Roesy has a second career as a vivid, provocative painter. This album applies the same colourful vision to his music, with often masterful effect”


- Hot Press

"The Irish Times 'Colour me Colourful' review"

“It’s got an edge that will lodge him comfortably apart from the mainstream”

- The Irish Times

"The RTE Guide 'Colour me Colourful' review"

“Roesy’s glass half full meditations tug at the heart and leave a warm glow in the brain, like any number of gentle early 70’s songwriters”

- RTE Guide


Sketch the Day, Paint the Night (bluecloak records 2001)
The Spirit Store (bluecloak records 2003)
Only Love Is Real (bluecloak records 2004)
Colour Me Colourful (N4 records 2006)
Backbone Flesh & The Fruit E P (bluecloak records 2007)



Roesy is back with his fifth studio album Fable, due for release April 23rd. It is the work of an artist who despite diversifying his talents across a broader spectrum of the arts in recent times, has clearly not lost his true love for creating music. Perhaps influenced to some degree during stints living in other cities, his Irishness still shines through in this beautiful collection of honest reflections.

Roesy’s music career kicked off at 17 when he signed to Warner Chappell, and between Dublin and London recorded, co-produced and released his first album Sketch the Day, Paint the Night. His next two albums, The Spirit Store and Only Love is Real were self-produced on return trips home, evolving from spending a few months at a time in cities around Europe, USA, Asia and South America. These works lead to nominations for Best New Irish Act in the 2004 Meteor Awards and in the Traditional/Folk category in the 2005 Hot Press Awards.

Having received massive success with his last album Colour Me Colourful and a huge amount of airplay with the hit single One of the Same, Roesy soundproofed the basement of his Amsterdam apartment where he was living and got to work writing and recording Fable. He mixed the album in New York, where he had previously been picked up by Wardlaw Banks and Downtown Music, currently promoting him in the USA

Fable is arguably Roesy’s most down to earth album to date, reflecting on the obstacles we face at the dawn of a new decade, moving between faith and frustration and covering themes of love, fear and the journey between the two. It’s the work of a musician who is completely comfortable in his ability and continues to remain true to himself, this shines through from beginning to end.