Rógairí is one of Regina’s best Celtic bands, a fun-loving group of six talented musicians from a variety of backgrounds, both classical and traditional, who draw their inspiration both from the ‘modern’ Celtic sound of such groups as Solas, Danu and Altan, as well as from the traditional repertoire. Rógairí formed over a year ago just in time for St. Patrick’s Day 2006 and since then have been in high demand, performing around Saskatchewan, as well as in Alberta. As a Traditional Celtic band, Rógairí decided early on that they needed to represent a fresh new sound and fill a gap in the Regina music scene, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.


Promo CD (2007)

Set List

2 - 45 minute sets

Ramblin’ Rover
Wild Rover
My Sister Mary Ann
Coal Quay Market (The Old Chemise / Coal Quay Market / Market Town / Scatter the Mud)
When Summer Ends
The Fields of Athenrye
Crazy Jigs (Butlers of Glen Avenue / O’Carolyn’s Crazy Jig)
Muckin’ ‘O’ Geordie’s Byre
O Flower of Scotland
Navvy on the Shore reels (Navvy on the Shore / The Sally Gardens / Cooley’s Reel)
I am a Maid that Sleeps in Love
The Black and Tan / Humours of Moss Bay
Nil S’en La

I’se the Bye / Some say the Devil is Dead
Polkas (Polka 1 / Polka 2 /
Wind that Shakes the Barley
Maids of Mount Cisco reels (Maids of Mount Cisco / Cooley’s Reel / Drowsy Maggie)
Follow me up to Carlow
Daily Growing
Calliope House jigs (Calliope House / Banish Misfortune)
Only Nineteen Years Old
The Broad Black Brimmer
Jean’s Reel (Hare’s Paw / Jean’s Reel)
Rocky Road to Dublin
Primrose Lass reels (Primrose Lass / Molly from Longford / The Four Kisses)

1 - 50 minute set