Quite possibly EXACTLY what the Music World has been waiting for, for so long. ROGAN delivers song after song, HIT after HIT jam packed with Lyrics and Melodies that are sure to be stuck in your head longer then 'Its a Small World' at Disneyland. So whats next for ROGAN? Contact for further info..


ROGAN� is a fresh young Songwriter/Producer & Artist thats music is just as Unique and Catchy as his name. While blending an array of popular music styles together, such as 1950s Doo-Wop mixed with R&B all the way to a Pop/ Alternative/Reggae essence, ROGAN� writes songs as if to pay homage to musics memorable past while simultaneously laying the groundwork to pave a way for a bright future in popular music.

ROGANS dream is not to be a performer though, not that he can not deliver an ELECTRIFYING show, but his vision is to be the words and music behind the next generation of superstar artists to emerge in the upcoming months and years to come.
If you would like to hear more music in ROGANS catalogue and inquire about booking him as a WRITER/PRODUCER/SONG PLACEMENT/LIVE GIG/INTERVIEW/ETC. for your next project, make sure to reach out and contact him.


The Right II Feel Good (Album) Winter 2007


1. Dream Come True
2. Photograph (Snap$hots 2 Trea$ure)
3. Her Favorite
4. My Workout Plan
5. Itz Tha Weekend!
6. Rise Above the Storm
7. Blue Sky
8. Imagination
9. Louis Lane
10. She Must Be Trip'N
11. So Discreet
12. I Love You Mama
13. Winds of Change
14. Bouncin'

Featured on's Hip Hop Compilation Vol. 3
with Talib Kweli, Mad-Lib, Jurrassic 5 and many more...

4 Songs placed in
'Hyper Street Racing Type A & Type B
Distributed by Warner Bro's 2005.
Check the movies out at Best Buy!

Set List

Available upon Request...

FYI: 4 to 12 tracks in the set list. Depending on the venue and show.