Rogan Brothers

Rogan Brothers

BandRockSinger/Songwriter The Rogan Brothers' dark, bluesy rock might just as easily have hopped from the same rail that carried Elvis into Memphis, or drifted ashore in the same Baha tide that produced Chris Isaak." --Ben Sellers, C-ville Weekly


Think about brother pairings in rock, and typically you find two different personalities that complement each other perfectly. Greg AllmanÕs super soulful singing matched with DuaneÕs perfect slide tone that makes ÒAinÕt My Cross to BearÓ a tune that just floors you. Or Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughan, whose one album together, mixed their styles beautifully.
Then you have the pairs who might as well have been brothers: Mick and Keith, John and Paul, Page and Plant.
The thing about brothers is that they share the most common sensibility. It is in the marrow. And yet, they work their whole lives to be different from each other. And what you get is that synthesis of nature and nurture.
Josh and Eric Rogan approach music very differently. Josh taught himself to play and his tunes are from the gut, instinctual. Eric studied music avidly in college, and his time in school also gave him a passion for performing. While Josh was not listening to every CD by John BrownÕs Body, he laid down the perfect skank for EricÕs solid bass parts.
The Rogan Brothers write and sing music that is from the heart. While they may listen to music that is on the charts, chart position and fads do not appeal to them. They are interested in music with a certain honesty. And you can hear it when they are writing a song. Josh brings a riff and a lyric fragment and the two will work it and work it until it reaches that point when they feel it is good enough to be let out in public. Some tunes never come to full fruition. But the ideas and the process never stop.
Take a tune like ÒBonesÓ. The beauty of the tune is that it sounds like a rock tune, nothing forced, nothing tricky. But the parts are so imaginatively put together that when you begin to pay closer attention, the song will draw you in. And when the band takes it to the bridge, you have to wonder where they are going to end up. Until they bring it back to the lyric, and you realize that you have been around the block twice.
Check out the Rogan Brothers, and you will find a sound that is familiar, and yet very original. It is like putting on your favorite pair of socks, right out of the dryer.


Be Gone On

Written By: Josh Rogan

There was something wrong from the be gone on
I didnÕt know what was going on
Been too high to see it, lost in the blues
Nothing to win and everything to lose
It was all out of hand Õtil I took control
Now IÕm just trying to touch it and IÕm all alone
Ya see I took it hard right to the bone
The sight of the road been clearly gone
I never wanted to hurt anyone but now IÕm living all alone
And it was all out of hand Õtil I took control
Now IÕm just trying to touch it and IÕm all alone
{Lie to me in my sleep And IÕll hold you in my dreams
In my arms and in you eyes Hold your heart close to mine}
After all that had been going on I had to start walking alone
Off into the distance and out of the bluesÑeverything to win and nothing to lose
And it was all out of hand until I took control
Now IÕm just trying to touch it and IÕm all alone
{Time to leave for the dream or itÕll always be asleep
In the arms of my mindÑwaking up Now is the time
Lie to me in my sleep And IÕll hold it in my dreams
In the arms of my mindÑwaking up Now is the time}


Written By: Josh Rogan

Oh, the mind a precious dream
sometimes a dangerous machine
{I want it back, it took from me
My mind attacked, my soul and dreams
A matter of fact, It drove me to
Listen to my, heart beat}
Oh time, wonderful place
Out of the pocket into the race
Many things I leave behind
Some dreams donÕt come to life
So I hold on to what it means
Try to follow what I believe

Hang Tough

Written By: Josh Rogan

I can see it in your eyes thereÕs something missing from your world
You donÕt know what it is, maybe something that you heard
ThereÕs always something better, is always what it seems
You would rather lose it all than Þnd out what it means
ThereÕs a picture in your mind of what youÕre looking for
If you had it in your hands, thereÕs always something more
And after you find itÑwhat else is there to to find
I ainÕt gonna sell out and I ainÕt gonna buy it
{Hang tough, hang tough
If you donÕt know what you gotÑyou got enough
Hang tough, hang tough
If you donÕt know what you needÑyou got enough
and Hang it up}
IÕm running out of love and IÕm running out of time
IÕm running out of patience for my own mind
Looking for something That ainÕt inside of me
I want it all But I donÕt know what I need
ItÕs a black hole Living for the fluff
Got it all but its never enough
Somehow that darkness it gets ahold of me
I got to fight off the american disease

Into the Light

Written By: Josh Rogan

Running from the darkness we created
hiding in the shadows weÕre casting
just standing still by the road weÕre traveling
Into the light we can see each other
Crying over what we had chosen
Blinded by our eyelids closing
Started climbing out up towards the opening
Into the light we can see each other
Loving each other down the road from standing
Hoping to live in the light of all our blessings
Lay our shadows on the ground behind us and start walking Into the light we can see each other


CD release Sept. 2006

Set List

The Rogan Brothers have enough original material to play at least 2 sets (1.5 hrs/set) with a few carefully chosen covers thrown in.

Feeling In your Bones(J. Rogan)
Walking By (E. Rogan)
Be Gone On ( J. Rogan)
Leave It To Me (J. Rogan)
Hang Tough (J. Rogan)
Give You My Heart (J. Rogan)
To The Beat (E. Rogan)
We’ve Been Far (J. Rogan)
Truth Talking (J. Rogan)
Believe (J. Rogan)
I’m Gone (J. Rogan)
Country Song (J. Rogan)
Talking To My Soul (J. Rogan)
Salsa (Instrumental - E. Rogan)
Don’t Listen To Me (J. Rogan)
Use My Will (J. Rogan)
I Don’t Know (J. Rogan)
Don’t Need Nothing (J. Rogan)
Pushin’ It (J. Rogan)
Boogie Woman (J. Rogan, E. Rogan)
Stop (E. Rogan)
Who Says (J. Rogan)
In My Hands (J. Rogan)
Bridges or Walls (J. Rogan)
Get Down Blues (J. Rogan, E. Rogan)
I Go Wild (J. Rogan)
Main Street (J. Rogan)
Days Slip Away (J. Rogan)
Play My Guitar (J. Rogan)
Down To The Station (E. Rogan)
Backroad Man (J. Rogan)
I’ll Find My Way (J.