RoGer is a highly energetic power pop band. They have strong vocals, and undeniable stage presence, and will have you asking "Where are they playing next?"


With an undeniable rock-n-roll style, RoGer is transorming the way people discover music. Whichever way you care to define them, RoGer is extremely promising. Their music is laced with catchy hooks, their show filled with outstanding, entertaining stage presence. RoGer has resurfaced with a vengeance. After recently recording their second CD, "Out of Control", the brothers of RoGer took the mind-melding excitement of their live sound and compressed it into 36 minutes of pure rock-pop bliss. Displaying maturity, depth, and commercial potential, RoGer stands alone in a market overwhelmed by repetition and sameness of sound.

They have commanded an extremely loyal following in their hometown of St. Cloud, Minnesota, built on the energetic and captivating live performances. These three brothers bring more than just music to the table. Being born into, and growing up in a family of musicians, has lent them to deep roots in just about every genre of music. Inspired by the Beatles and uplifted by the rock-n-roll sounds of The Clash and U2; RoGer has created an infectious, radio-friendly sound, memorable vocals, and groove to be reckoned with.

RoGer has played live on FOX News, played the Viper Room, The Roxy, House of Blues in Las Vegas, and the Village Underground in NY. They have shared the stage with Joan Jett, Phantom Planet, Soul Asylum, and Johnny Was.

You don't want to miss out on this band!


Out of Control
What the Whole World Needs Is

Set List

RoGer can playa four hour performance. They can also scale down and do a captivating acoustic performance if your venue or event desires. RoGer is an original band, but does play some covers. **Covers do change periodically to keep performances fresh