Roger G. Possley

Roger G. Possley


Roger G. Possley performs the music of his surroundings which are the Great Lakes and sailing. He writes original music and has a broad interest in maritime folk music. He has an extensive repertoire of sailing songs that go back hundreds of years. He has a working playlist of 200+ songs.


How many performers are actually living the life they portray on stage? When it comes to songs of a sailors life, there are not many with the credentials of Roger G. Possley. If you haven't heard of him, it is probably because he was on a sailboat, far from land pursuing a life's passion. Having been on boats since infancy and picking up a guitar at age 8, it certainly makes sense the two would meld together and find an outlet in Roger's music.
Roger has sailed thousands of miles on the Great Lakes aboard his sailboat Persistence. What you see on stage is not a persona created for convenience. The performer is the man and this guy's seen and done most of what he sings about (except the murder ballads, of course).
Roger's first band, The Fishermen, was formed in the early nineties and it was band member Sean Rogers and he that went on to form, Old #7, which played together until 2000. They released a CD "Live at Lodi Farms" in 1999.
Roger became a solo performer in 2001 and enlisted David Mosher and Chuck Anderson to create a larger sound when the situation was called for. They recorded a performance in 2003 which may yet find it's way onto a CD.
In 2003, he moved to West Michigan. Gradually his performances tapered off and his music was limited to recording. .
Now, in 2008, Roger is back on track and playing as much as he can. Music is a source of energy and an outlet for his love of water and the freedom of sailing. Along with oil painting, it is his life. Every day is filled with the desire to learn and grasp further the nuances of his art.


1999 Old #7 -Live At Lodi Farms
2001 Roger Possley -As It Was Now
2008 Roger Possley-Fits and Starts TBA

Set List

Having an extensive song list allows me to play as long as desired. It also allows for shows on multiple days without repeats. I usually play sets tailored for the particular venue. Some of the songs I perform are:
All For Me Grog
Ashes In Me Beer
Barbara Allen
Blow Away The Morning Dew
Blow The Candles Out
The Butcher Boy
The Calton Weaver
Country Life
Charlie Mopps
Cock Robin
Cold Front
The Cruel Mother
The Cruel Ship's Carpenter
Darling Corey
The Eddystone Light
The Foggy Foggy Dew
Froggy Went A Courtin'
Geordie, Get Up Jack
Gently Johnny My Jingalo
Good Ale For My Money
Great Lakes Squall
The Handsome Cabin Boy
Handsome Molly
Haul Away Joe
Hey John Barleycorn
Henry Martin
I Care Not For These Ladies
Jack A Roe
Jack Hall
John Applebee
John Riley
Johnson's Ale
Kilgary Mountain(Whiskey In the Jar)
Knock Knock (Who's There)
Lady Of Carlisle
Lady Margaret
Lavender's Blue
Lord Rendell
The L