The Deteriorators

The Deteriorators

 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Roger Jameson and the Jaded Hearts Band have developed a unique dark yet rich sound through the use of poetic lyrics, strong story lines and layered acoustic and electric instrumentation.

“The Ghost that we once knew as goodness hides beneath a torn and faded sheet – She crawls along the savage floor, down past the lights of Hopeful Street…”
-Roger Jameson
Before The Rains Came


Few local singer-songwriters and bandleaders have been at the game as long or longer than Roger Jameson. In fact, Jameson co-led the brigade of singer-songwriters—which included Shawn Loudermilk, Jason Daniello, Ben Hathorne, Cole Raison, Kimo and a handful of others—that, back in the early '90s, blazed the trail for others to come with regular showcases at the long-lamented Dingo Bar. On his own and as leader of the Jaded Heart Band, Jameson has released three CDs and continues to make fresh, relevant folkish pop that's unmistakably Roger Jameson. 
-Weekly Alibi

For some reason, Roger Jameson reminds me of Robert Earl Keen. Something about the flow of melodies from verse to bridge to chorus then back again. Jameson, whose sound is more rootsy on record than it is live, has a penchant for tasty rhymes and lazy acoustic strumming that colors his songs from the folk idiom‌

-Michael Henningsen, Weekly Alibi, 5/01/2003


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Set List

The Deteriorators usually play from 45 to 60 minute non-stop sets depending on the venue. We can and have performed all original music but will mix in traditional blues numbers with extended freeform jams that tap into blues, jazz, rock and funk roots.