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Roger MacNaughton

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I am a recording artist who composes music with the ultimate goal of inspiring people.


When I was a youth, my mom would set the time for 30 minutes each day for me to practice the piano. Through the window I could see the guys in the neighborhood playing baseball in the vacant field down the street. I couldn't wait for that timer to ring! Now I realize I probably should have practiced more...but still, baseball was FUN!


Charlevoix Keepsake

Written By: Roger MacNaughton


Bossa Nova Girl

Written By: Roger MacNaughton

© 2009 Words & Music by Roger MacNaughton

(1) You see her in the summer sun
You watch her in the streets
She moves so pure and gentle
Smiles at everyone she meets.
She wins their hearts so instantly
She won yours long ago.
Time stands still, a quiet thrill
You know you’ve found the Bossa Nova Girl.

(2) As she passes by you
You glance, then look away
You can’t believe…you’re so naïve
Perhaps another day.
Her lovely fragrance lingers on
Her essence stays with you
But now she’s gone, you must move on
You know you want… The Bossa Nova Girl

Always on your mind
She’s from another world
A dream you can’t recall
So hard to find…
How you hope that someday sweet
You will have the chance to meet
The Bossa Nova Girl…

(Short instrumental)

(3) The marketplace is crowded
She slowly wanders through
She wonders what you’re thinking
She’d love to meet you too.
What must she try to catch your eye?
What more can she do?
But...the boy is shy, she knows not why.
It’s up to you to meet …The Bossa Nova Girl…(repeat chorus)


"Summer Dance" 14-song set of original tunes.
"Cold-Hearted Orb" Solo piano...original compositions.
"Winter Canvas" Traditional and original holiday songs with piano and cello.
"Crosstown" Jazz/Blues originals...piano, bass, guitar, and drums.