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Roger Sellers

Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010

Austin, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Electronic Pop


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"Roger Sellers Makes Gentle 'Waves' on New Track"

Roger Sellers brings electronic flourishes to his new album, Primitives—due out on September 27 via Punctum Records—but the Austin crooner wants you to know that he is not a DJ. The follow-up to 2012's 8 Songs features lead single "Waves," which floats along on a bouncy piano line and a simple, driving drum beat. Credit Sellers for the amalgam of diverse sounds on the expansive track: the singer-songwriter plays all the instruments on the record, from the guitar to the organ to the mandolin. - SPIN

"2014: The Year in (Live) Music, According to Concert Promoters"

"One stand-out right now is this guy Roger Sellers. His sound has no reason to be good: electronic/synth stuff and Americana. But it’s great—he does both styles pretty seamlessly. Austin is a hip city, but Texas is still pretty isolated. It’s hard to tour and get from the south to anywhere with a bigger audience, so there are a lot of great acts that aren’t heard or signed due to the geography of the place." - Pitchfork

"Roger Sellers releasing 'Primitives,' touring (dates, LP stream)"

"Austin musician Roger Sellers makes intricately layered music, part aural soundscapes a la Tangerine Dream, part savvy pop. His new album, Primitives, is out next week (9/30) and is gorgeous stuff. Songs melt into the next, creating a true album experience that's best heard all at once. You can do just that as we've got a premiere of Primitives in full which you can stream below.
Roger will be on tour in October, though it doesn't take him east of his home state. Those dates, plus the album stream, below..." - Brooklyn Vegan


"In forty three minutes, Roger Sellers does more than some musicians do in a career. He composes each track in an almost symphonic way that’s simplistic in approach and almost impossible in execution. In the end, “Primitives” raises the bar on pretty much every 2014 release prior, and could easily be in contention for album of the year." - Free Press Houston


"Sellers has always been ambitious—he’s a composer, lyricist, producer, director. . .everything but a DJ. With his upcoming album Primitives, the fourth he’s self-produced, he’s succeeded in elevating his work to a new level of emotionality" - Impose

"Roger Sellers: The Human Rube Goldberg Machine"

“The delicateness of the instrumentation is constantly in peril; a sweaty finger slip is all it takes to throw the whole thing off. Seeing Sellers live is an experience in itself, as he does something to a degree no other front man can or should do: becomes completely lost in his own music.” - OVRLD

"Roger Sellers' Primitive Loops"

“A minimalist composer with maximum spirit, Roger Sellers may be Steve Reich for the Pabst Blue Ribbon crowd.” - The Austin Chronicle

"Roger Sellers | Primitives | Saturday at Cheer Ups"

“Roger Sellers has gained a cult-following around Austin for his densely layered, intricate compositions. It almost doesn’t feel right to call them songs, they feel like movements” - Do512


“As much as I usually like to formulate my own blurbs for these blog posts, the bio on Roger Sellers' respective social medial outlets is too good not to share. And I quote, "the artistic style of Roger Sellers is widely accessible. Imagine folk-dance-americana-electric-symphonic fusion, where Philip Glass, Sufjan Stevens, and Joanna Newson all groove to late night ambient house music in George Martin’s living-room." I don't think a further introduction is necessary, except to say that this is the first artist feature from AUSTIN PSYCH FEST, a festival we are extremely excited to cover this coming May. Stay tuned for more!” -


“He is a visionary musical mind who builds original sonic landscapes from the ground up using synthesizers, effects pedals, live drumming and vocals. His hypnotic stage presence belies a level of effortless meandering, but closer study offers a distinct feeling that he's transmitting some sort of aural Xerox of music from the deepest recesses of his mind. The depth of this delightfully enigmatic figure makes him our single most intriguing music talent in Austin.” - Sonic Vault Austin

"Roger Sellers’s Twilight Beats at SXSW"

“A man with a glut of guitar pedals and a synthesizer was performing on stage. The San Marcos-based performer stunned with his last three songs, a mixture of glo-fi tracks. A few ladies felt compelled to hula hoop in front of the stage. On any other night it would have been a backyard house show, but thanks to Roger Sellers, this felt a whole lot like seaside dance party on the Balearic Isles. After running through the Altered Zones showcase at the ND, this show was a welcome Texan reprise.” - SSG Music

"Song of the Day"

“Sellers has a stellar resume even at the young age of 24. Over the course of two self-produced and self-released albums, he’s explored the intersection of pop, folk, and electronica, building mini-symphonies with a variety of loops. He plays all the instruments himself, from guitar and banjo to piano and drums, yet through inspired production techniques, the sounds come out slightly askew. On 2011′s Moments, Sellers crafted a suite of songs that live up to the title: snapshots of musical memories, but when taken together, they add up to something that’s both intimate and joyous.” - KUTX

"Album Review: Roger Seller ‘Moments’"

“Simultaneously meticulous and simple, emotive and honest, Roger Sellers combines folk and subtle electro to make a vivid masterpiece.” - Tri State Indie

"Preaching from the Pews: Roger Sellers"

"The manner with which such a young and new musician manages to construct seventeen vastly disparate but collectively consistent tracks, that have relentlessly stumped and confounded me to find words adequate enough to accurately describe his music to you for the last few weeks now is, if not a sign of lacklustre journalism, a demonstration of his credibility as an individual who merits being kept a sharp eye on." - God is in the TV Zine

"10 hot Austin music acts looking to break big in 2015"

This local anti-DJ — seriously, his self-made “Roger Sellers is not a DJ” stickers can be found all over town — released the first recorded work that matched his high-energy live shows last fall with Primitives. But it’s still hard to succinctly describe Sellers’ work: avant-pop, electro-folk, chamber-dance? Whatever you want to call it, know that this Texas State alumni constructs all of his auditory explorations from scratch: live drums, triple-tracked vocals, synth lines, banjo riffs. You name it, and if you hear it in Sellers’ songs, he recorded (and then manipulated) it himself.

Dreamy and kaleidoscopic, Primitives attracted attention from major outlets like Spin. And although the album sounds like tuning into a lost channel transmitting from your subconscious musical mind, we think Sellers will continue to worm his way into the ears of bigger audiences throughout 2015. - Culture Map Austin


"That album is “Primitives” by Roger Sellers. I’ll leave out the fact that when you catch Sellers live, he becomes entranced by the music he creates; though he’s a force to see in a live setting. No, I think the best way to convey why I love this album so much, is that it’s electronic, but it isn’t. Sellers recorded all of the instruments minus a single drum track, and then in some cases; looped them. But, that aside, the fact that “Primitives” is electronic and yet it conveyed so much emotion. That alone, is worth mentioning in that I haven’t really experienced that on a primarily electronic album since “Violator” by Depeche Mode. There are moments where Sellers conducts like a mix of Frank Zappa and Brian Wilson; but it never feels formulaic or phony. It’s such a strong album that I can’t even pick a song I like better than another on the album. The bells on “Appeals” immediately catch your attention, while the guitar on “Spectrolite” grab your ears in a way that you can’t let it go. Even the complexities of instrumentation on “Steps” should be enough to lay claim to the greatness of the record. The songs are great on their own while sounding like a grandiose masterpiece as an album when played in sequence. For me, the mark of a great album is when it commands another listen. And with “Primitives,” the commands are still coming with every play." - Free Press Houston


"He might be as close to Frank Zappa and George Harrison that you’re going to see anytime soon. Like Harrison, he does what he wants and doesn’t care if he “fits in” to one genre or another. And like Zappa. he’s willing to use any means necessary to emote the vision for his sound. Whether it be folk, pop, or electronica; in the end, it’s just music coming from someone who’s reinventing the wheel one fan at a time." - Free Press Houston


Still working on that hot first release.



The artistic style of Roger Sellers is widely accessible. Imagine folk-dance-americana-electric-symphonic fusion, where Philip Glass, Sufjan Stevens, and Joanna Newson all groove to late night ambient house music in George Martin’s livingroom. 

Roger Sellers paints vivid aural landscapes where his multiple-layered instrumentation pierces through the terrain like musicological formations, as they compile higher and higher. Compelled by the splendor projected, you, the listener climbs to the top of Roger’s finely crafted mountain, where you are met by the enlightened composer. Just as you catch your breath, Roger takes your hand and shows you his panoramic view; at that moment you absorb the deepest beauty that inherently waits within Roger Sellers’ profound concept.

Instruments are easy in his hands, and he literally plays them all. Guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, bells, organ, piano, drums. From one-man acts, to a full band, Roger Sellers’ live performances sweep his audiences clean from external focus- until the attention is solely paid to him. Similarly, in the studio, Sellers plays the engineer, producer, director, composer, and lyricist.

With three self-produced albums of professional quality under his belt at the young age of 25, Roger Sellers’ songs attest to the erudition of his musical training and confidence as a master of recording. The newest release, "8 Songs"(2012), is out and available, as well as his first two albums. As well as recording, Sellers has also mastered the art of live performance, playing at festivals like SXSW and FUN FUN FUN FEST in 2013.

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