Rogersville Road

Rogersville Road


The sound you've been waiting for! Wholly new, yet strangely classic. Soaring guitar, pounding rythyms and throaty vocals. This is real, blues-driven jam-rock.


‘Rogersville Road’ (Justin Johnson-guitars/Andy Dortch-bass/Keith Harrelson-drums,vocals) is a rock-fusion trio from Wilmington, NC, blending the elements of their influences (SRV, Jimi Hendrix, ABB, DTB, The Black Crowes, Gov’t Mule) into their own blues-driven jam-rock.

Growing up in the region the three musicians played together in previous musical endeavors, but it wasn’t until March of 2004 that ‘Rogersville Road’ was officially a band.

Getting their start at Percy’s Jazz Club in downtown Wilmington, they quickly built a fan base and began to move on to bigger clubs in town such as: Charley Brownz, The Whiskey, Marrz Theatre, The Azalea Festival Hilton Stage, and soon began gigging in Raleigh, having played The Pour House Music Hall, Ruckus, The Dive Bar.

Rogersville Road played 100 shows in 2005 including opening for two grammy winners: The Allman Brothers Band @ Alltel Pavilion, and for Jeff Coffin @ Marrz Theatre

In the Fall of 2004, ‘Rogersville Road’ went into Audio Genesis Studios to record their first CD. By February 2005, their self-titled debut CD was complete and warmly received by their fans and local radio, being requested and played daily.

‘Rogersville Road’ is just getting warmed up, writing new songs, preparing to organize a tour schedule and return to the studio in late Fall.

The screaming guitar, pounding rhythms, and throaty vocals of Rogersville Road spell out true rock-n-roll.


Patty's Hollow

Written By: Rogersville Road

Red light sine, from all direction
Dirty secrets, and second guesses
Take your time, draw no attention
Watch your step boy, and make no mention that you were ever here

·In the Red Light Den
·Boy don’t you follow, through Patty’s Hollow again

Keep your secrets, locked safe away
Don’t tell stories, and watch what you say
One more day, just one more lie
Right to your baby’s face you deny spending time with these ladies here


·Don’t you follow, don’t look back
·Patty’s Hollow ain’t the place to hang your hat
·Forget this number, forget this town
·Patty’s Hollow ain’t the place to hang around

Red light shine from all direction
It’s in your mind now, make no exception
Wait your turn, you’ll get your fix
And I’m not one to judge you on how you get your kicks with these ladies here


No Rest

Written By: Rogersville Road

When my time has come, wont you bury me where it’s cold
When my time has come, wont you bury me where it’s cold
This Carolina sun is gonna’, put me in a hole

My life is hard, as the day is long
My life is hard, as the day is long
I wake before the sunrise, and I walk by moonlight home.

Can’t see no peace, you know I can’t rest my head
Can’t see no peace, you know I can’t rest my head
I got a mouthful of whiskey, and my eyes are bloodshot-red.

Three Piece Suit

Written By: Rogersville Road

Three piece suit
On a dumb cowboy
Send my son
To be destroyed

Trench-coat apron
On the sidewalk chef
Been dealin’ since the sunrise
Watch ‘em smoke their rent

· You better bow out
· Before it gets too deep
· Can you feel the wind blowing cold tonight
· Through the valley of deceit

Swollen eyed businessman
With a gold timepiece
Reptile loafers
Steam-pressed pleats

Burden-laden preacher man
With his fingers crossed
Singing out his favorite
Donation song



2005 -- Rogersville Road, EP
2005 -- Repossession, Single

Set List

Shows are anywhere from 2.5 - 4 hours long split into 2 sets. Sets are comprised of original material and classic blues and rock covers. Rogersville Road's decision to include cover songs is determined by the venue. All original shows are also performed.

A typical setlist may look like this:

The Fire> -- Original
The Horror -- Original
Spanish Castle Magic -- Hendrix
Three Piece Suit -- Original
Drown In My Own Tears -- Ray Charles
The Night They Drove Ol Dixie Down -- The Band
I Saw A Girl> -- Original
No Rest> -- Original
Preachin Blues> -- Derek Trucks Band Version
Traveling Riverside Blues> -- Zeppelin
Preachn Blues -- DTB
New Blues -- Original
Please, Please, Please -- Original
Devil's Pebbles -- Original
Whipping Post -- Allman Brothers
Folsom Prison Blues -- Johnny Cash
Politician -- Cream
You'll Know Why -- Original
Like A Hole In My Head -- Original
Sympathy For the Devil -- Rolling Stones

**This is only a po