Roger Whipp

Roger Whipp


Catchy melodies, powerful vocals, thought provoking lyrics, elegant arrangements and top class band will have you singing into the shower head and shaking your stuff in front of the bathroom mirror.


Roger Whipp singer song/writer was born in Nottingham (England) and now lives in Spain. His songs take us on a journey through the musical genres of pop-rock, R&B y soul, with touches of jazz and folk. His recently released 1st album “Walk the high wire for me” is full of catchy melodies and words which will make you sit up and listen. Songs such as the "Time To Feel The Rain" "Human race" and "The nature of things" convey a deep felt criticism at the state of mankind while songs such as "You're All talk" and "Time To Feel The Rain" have a power and groove that leaves noone indifferent.


The human race

Written By: Roger whipp

The Human Race

It was a lovely lovely day
until the kid outside, flying his kite
kite flew high, lost out of sight

It was a lovely lovely day
until the sun got cool, when the clouds came bye
sun got mad, the clouds began to cry

It was a lovely lovely day
until the television, invaded the room
filled our heads, with stories of doom

It was a lovely lovely day

So keep a smile on your face
although it's all going wrong
even a fool has his place
if he's got the means and a plan
but we're all in the chase
to the line from the gun
until then the human race ain't run
job ain't done, ain't even begun
the human race ain't even won

It was a lovely day
until he took that knife, stuck it in her back
twisted it around , and ran off with a laugh
It was a lovely lovely day

until the earth opened up, made a big wave
carried off thousands to a watery grave
It was a lovely lovely day

until a couple of towers, collapsed in a pile
people in a train, became the victims in a file
It was a lovely lovely day





Walk the high wire for me

Set List

Time To Feel The Rain
You're All Talk
Without You To Hold
Something Missing
Helpless For You
The Nature Of Things
You're All Talk
The Human Race
Walk The High Wire For Me
Take a minute to think
Black hole
My mother's arms
Two lost soldiers
Don't get me Wrong it's aright