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Gizz’s ability to paint a picture and bring the story to life is phenomenal. He discusses topics that most folks won’t touch, but his delivery and lyric content make his presence impossible to ignore. His skills are simply incredible.


Every once in a while, it happens............................. A visionary is born. Someone who observes deeply, or shall we say deeper. Enter RoGizz. This native of Chi-Town can count the nation’s capitol and Los Angeles, as places he grew both physically and mentally. "I'm naturally laid back but my love of music brings out all of my emotions. I feel chosen and compelled to speak about how I feel and what I see," said RoGizz.

My musical influences are Ice Cube, Public Enemy, Scarface and Twista, each for various reasons.In addition to music, RoGizz counts community service as a vital part of his life. "Getting children to believe in themselves is why I live. Music is a beautiful way to talk to them. If the next generation challenges themselves, maybe positive change can affect the status quo," he added. RoGizz, poet, artist, activist and future leader. Embrace the journey...


RoGizz presents Worldwide Domination (GIZZ Entertainment)
Finally I Speak (GIZZ Entertainment)
Worldwide Domination II: The LUAU (GIZZ Entertainment)