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I call my my music "The Good Stuff" It uplifts when sad, let's you get even when mad and it it makes some be bad. It's life music.


Humorous, well spoken, and humble is just a few of Rogizz's great qualities. He's been in the entertainment business for 7 years now, and has had to face more than his share of temptation. Looking back at those years he's realized his right and wrongs and expresses himself in a very sultry, artistic type of way. With skits that set the tone for his tracks, ladies, you'll enjoy the feel good sound of a grown man expressing his inner self to you and men, you'll be shocked at how the lines quoted in his lyrics are your exact emotions.

Titled "I'm Only Human", this album represents Hip Hop in a whole new light. Tracks like, "As U Should" and "Ode To Nikki", will show you just how life is and make you realize that everyone has problems but we still have to enjoy life and keep it going. "Firewater" will get you right into your caribbean vibe and have you moving side to side before you notice, and "I'm Not Able" well, let's just say you have to hear and feel this one for yourself.

I'm Only Human" Rogizz's 4th Album to date, has tracks produced by Tony Baines, 110% Pure of The Track Kingz, and Xcel, who was recently known for his production on Shawnna's "Getting Some Head". Though the tracks keep you feeling a mixture of emotions, RoGizz's lyrics and his street swagger flow will keep you always forgiving any mistakes he's made thus far. Besides, with a comeback like "I'm Only Human", anyone should be able to get away with almost anything right? " I don't know if that works if you're a teacher, but let's see!

Check out RoGizz's Album, "I'm Only Human" and hear why this bad boy is considered to be good, I'm just proud that he's one of the few good men that joined Hip Hop, and not the Marines.


RoGizz- Worldwide Domination
RoGizz- Worldwide Domination L.U.A.H.
RoGizz- Finally I Speak
RoGizz- I'm Only Human

Set List

My set list is normally 2/3 songs, with a lot of shows having limited time for different performers I try to do a
7/8 min show but if needed I can most definitely perform longer.