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Things We Can't Talk About

Written By: Rog Lee

Breakfast table stony silence, cause we disagree
She gets up and gently slams the door
This kind of thing don't end in violence but it's plain to see
That we won't talk about this anymore

Chorus: We're riding down this road again
It's the space between, the space within and love and trust and faith make room for doubt
Raise our voices, clench our fists and another topic joins the list, of things we can't talk about.

We're practicing conflict avoidance, preaching to the choir
We like to talk about the fun we've had
But sparks fly from a small annoyance , fans into a fire, and one word turns a good day into bad


Bridge--Sometimes people just can't agree
Sometimes it's best just not to get involved
Life is about difference you see
And conflict cannot be resolved

Chorus x 2 and out.