Rogue Forty

Rogue Forty


Imagine if The Who's entire catalog was written and played on the piano--a bombastic, larger than life rock energy with a set of hopelessly addictive, uniquely arranged pop songs.


Rocking the New York stages of Pianos, CBGBs, Continental, and more, The Rogue Forty creatively blends piano-based songwriting with soaring leads, crooning beautiful, irresistible melodies over a driving sound base.

The Rogue Forty embraces the powerful melodic songwriting style of Ben Folds, the bombastic rock energy of The Who, the casual loose off-the-cuff styling of Pavement, as well as the creative recording energy of Guided By Voices. Even while their piano and guitar-centric songs are uniquely arranged, their impossibly catchy choruses and urgent delivery can fit side by side with many talented pop rock acts emerging today, including The Shins, The Walkmen, Modest Mouse, and The Strokes, and also incorporating some of the more dark and romantic textures of Interpol, Radiohead, and Coldplay.

Songwriter/pianist Andrew Wood, bassist Chris Hull, and drummer Robert Caruso formed R40 on St. Patrick's Day of 2001. Guitarist Derek Baird joined their ranks in 2003, fulfilling the original trio's addictive songs while adding a deeper emotional resonance of his own. After Robert Caruso left the band for family reasons at the end of 2004, Rogue Forty discovered an instantly tight, in the pocket, highly dynamic drummer in Jahphet Landis, who is carrying the band to new heights today.

Their first full-length album, "Underdogs," was released in March 2004. This album is a striking poetic and musical statement, with compositions that show a remarkable balance of taste and all-out rock. From the jilting open and rock-out piano solo of "Loser's Mantra" to the thoughtful simplicity of "Momentums," to the destined classic “Cyanide,” the endless fountain of creativity and wise song-crafting that surrounds the album does not heed the narrow boundaries of writing that imprison so much pop music.

In addition to local venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn, R40 has played up and down the East Coast from Philadelphia to Chapel Hill. Between gigs, this stellar quartet keeps a rigorous writing and rehearsal schedule. They have completed several new demos, and the new album, "Don't Sell Me to the Police," is expected before the end of 2005.



Written By: Robert Caruso/Andrew Wood

Speeding far from home
Through this black blur alone
Somewhere in my mind
I’ll see what I can find

Sleeping on this shaky train
Rushing down express lane
Though it felt so long
The time is already gone

Think I lost my way
This happens every day
More dark than I’ve ever seen
Between Borough Hall and Bowling Green

Silver Spoon

Written By: Andrew Wood

Hey! Sherry wants to know, and so do you
If I still love that silver spoon and I must
Get you off my head (Head), no offense
You’re the richest girl in the whole wide world
But I’m destitute with a whore I can’t ignore

Celebrate my love’s ill fate
I’ll never stay
And I’ll never know
How far we’d go
If I could get off the down low and

Hey! Kerry wants to score, I want it more
I’ll trade in my sweet princess heiress girl
And Mary wants to play, she’ll have her way
She wants it now right now this day
So I wish you well, I wish you all the best

She says,
I ask you a question, you can’t answer it, you can’t answer it
It’s a simple question too, so what am I to do?

Celebrate my love’s ill fate
I’ll never stay
And I’ll never care
How we would fare
Cuz I know that I’ve been there and

Hey! Sherry wants to know and so do you
I just don’t love that silver spoon no more


Written By: Andrew Wood

Well I'll take two hits of that cyanide
And I'll snub that cigarette on my arm
Through my cataracts, head shack, no alarms
And I love you, you're so bright, and I love you

I'm handcuffed
To your bedside
And they're airtight
But it's all right if I can feel
Cold metal dig deeper still
If it cuts me, these wounds will heal
And I'll live on living inside
My blaze, my blinds, my blackout lies

And I'll take two hits of that cyanide
And I'll snub that cigarette on my arm
Through my cataracts, head shack, no alarms
And I love you, you're so bright, and I love you

In my happiness, I never could have
Fathomed this, how does one
Adjust to this, I'll tell you how
Save joyfulness, at any cost
Save merry bliss, at any loss
Sweet happiness, with open wrists
Sweet happiness, a tearing nip
Sweet happiness, a biting kiss
Sweet happiness, can't take away
My happiness, ah

So you know
When you say go
I'll dip my lips in kerosene
And I'll sign no truce it's too obscene
And I'll drain that cup of poison dry
And I'll take two hits of that cyanide


2005: Don't Sell Me To The Police (new demos)
2003: Underdogs
2001: The Babyana Demo

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We currently have over 50 original compositions.