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Rogue MC

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Rogue's music reflects life in its most purest & honest form. She reflects a point of view un heard of from your average female artist. She's a breath of fresh air in an industry thats lost its love of artistic music she's a fire cracker and she's not afraid to show it.


When you think of the south you may hear the sounds of crunk music or strictly dance music. When you think of female rappers you may think of an artist only rapping about money and sex. When you hear the female emcee “Rogue” you’ll never carry any of those stereotypes again. Rogue is a new breed of emcee that comes from the southeast region of the U.S. Born in the city of Atlanta and raised in Lithonia, Ga this Rogue MC got a taste of the city and the suburbs while also experiencing the hardships of growing up in a household with a mostly absent father and a family who she felt didn’t understand her. In the early years of Rogue’s life she was a quiet observer of people and the situations going on around her. She would write about anything in her note book from fights at home, friends dealing drugs, to the time she was in state custody and stayed at a children’s shelter. In 2004 Rogue lost her mother to breast cancer and this event caused her to grow up faster than she expected. This new growth has given her a mature and realistic outlook on life itself and reflects this in her music. This 21yr old emcee gradually developed and grew into the fiery tempered, against the grain, artist known as Rogue.
Rogue has been turning her writings into songs since the age of 12. She also has experience in beat making and production and has been at this craft since she was 14 years old. In 2005 she linked up with fellow artist Lejit under Something Outta Nothing Productions (S.O.N) and continues to work with Stealth and Exzile who make up the rest of the beat and production squad. Rogue has released two albums “Got Sumthin for You” and her sophomore album “The Rogue MC.” Through Rogue’s music and performances at Django’s, Club Flamingo, The Central Bar & Bistro, and other Atlanta hot spots Rogue has earned respect from everyone who sees her raw talent first hand. Recently Rogue was part of the A3C Hip Hop festival in Atlanta as part of the Women in Hip Hop Panel and exhibition amongst other prominent females such as emcee Roxanne Shante and DJ Cha Cha Jones. She continues to try and spread her music and message of being a strong woman to other areas such as Charleston, S.C where she performed at a stop the violence block party in 2006 and Athens, G.A where she continues to make appearances at The Caledonia Lounge and Tasty world since 2007. Rogue’s personality on stage and in and out the studio has caused her to earn the name “Rogue MC” which was given to her from her friend DJ Flux. With songs such as “Reckless”, “I Died” & “Knowledge on the Side” Rogue’s sophisticated and lyrical style can only be described as being two things… real and true to her heart.


2007- "Got Sumthin For You" (Album)

2008- "DJ Flux presents..."Only The Realest: Rogue MC" (Mixtape)

2009-"Desert Rose" Coming Soon

2007- (Radio Single) "Knowledge on the side", played on 91.9 WVGS

2007- (Radio Single) "Listen", played on 91.9 WVGS

2008- (Radio Single) "How I Feel" played on 91.9 WVGS

Set List

Sets are usually anywhere from 10-30 minutes

--they usually consist of any of these songs...

1. Knowledge on the side
2. Reckless
3. Im Waiting
4. I Died
5. Get Money
6. Stream of Conciousness
7. Listen
8. How I Feel

The performance is made and adjusted according to the venue and the anticipation of the crowd.