rogue motel

rogue motel


Portland Oregon based, mellow grit rock quintet. Soaked in analog bourbon, they bring to mind classic rockers like America or Crazy Horse, blended with the modern sounds of Wilco or Modest Mouse.


You learn a lot about yourself when you're recording an album. Especially when you're 2,380 miles away from home, living in a cheap hotel, eating bourbon for dinner , and spending every moment with a group of guys that are playing together for the very first time. Matthew Kendall, the primary songwriter of Rogue Motel, knows this feeling well. He met producer Duane Lundy (Vandaveer, Scourge of the Sea, Ben Sollee) and blindly followed his gut to Lundy's studio in Lexington, Kentucky. "We recorded in a warehouse in a run-down industrial part of town. It sat right against the train tracks and you could feel the trains in the floor as they passed", recalls Kendall.
Daylight Breaking is the result of that time in Kentucky and serves as the new album from Portland's Rogue Motel. Along with Kendall are Jeremy Kaplan, Michael Wehling, Adam Hill, and Reginald Bradley completing a five-some that had never played together until that first night in Kentucky. "We cut Fault that night", Kendall remembers, "and I think you can hear it in the energy of that track, everyone was working really hard to find the right place, getting to know each other musically through recording was really special". Drummer Jeremy Kaplan recalls,"Once we got in the studio and started playing, expectations evaporated and a deeper group process took over". While in Portland, singer Kendall envisioned an album of new songs and a process of bringing in new players to make it. Along with Kaplan they crafted the material just enough, and then let producer, band and a world of possibilities collide.

Their new album "Daylight Breaking" is in rotation on over 200 CMJ/AAA stations

They have performed at:
- The University of Tennessee Knoxville
- Auburn University
- Middle Tennessee State University
- Western Kentucky University
- University of Oregon
- Oregon State University
- Sonoma State University
- Pellisippie State Community College
- University of Tennessee Chatanooga
- Portland State University
- Western Washington University

Their 2006 self-titled debut EP was in rotation on over 200 college radio stations nationwide.

Their songs have been featured on MTV's:
- "Road Rules"
- "Human Giant"
- "Real World"
- "My Super Sweet Sixteen"
and the Oxygen network's:
- "Bad Girls Club"
Over 44,000 myspace plays

Rogue Motel has performed live in studio on "the Dharma Wheel" on KBOO radio. They will be featured on the compilation CD for that program released in 2006
They have been featured on the Local Music Spotlight segment on KINK 101fm, as well as recieved acclaim from the Oregonian's Arts and Entertainment section.


Hurry Up

Written By: Matthew Kendall

Early morning but the sun's not up yet
I came here looking for a way to ease my head
The X has blown my mind instead

Your in the corner but your not moving
My blood is racing and I need to know your name
My lips won't move and my words won't say

My ears begin to ring
Your eyes say everything
This old room begins to spin again
Hurry up, it's time to go

Finally we see the daylight breaking
We walk around the fort and you pick me a garden rose
and just like that, my heart is stone

My ears begin to ring
Your eyes say everything
This old room begins to spin again
Hurry up, it's time to go


Written By: Matthew Kendall

Let me sleep just a while now
I spent all night burning wires out
Just one more time before I go
and them I'm gone

You can act like you don't care
Your ruby lips and your morning hair
But I see right through your get back stares
calling out

But it's not my fault

I could use a little more from you
You gave me all that you wanted to
It's not enough to get me through
I need it now

Back and forth at a worn out pace
I'm worried I will always see your face
And send me back down the spiral case
Spinning round

But it's not my fault


Written By: Matthew Kendall

Who walks the garden
Where did you come from
Who walks the garden
Where are you going
I was everything you ever dreamed i could be

Don't let your guard down
The knifes at your back now
Don't let your guard down
We're almost done now
I lost everything you found out for me

Burning out, float back down
Just a trail of smoke

Don't walk the garden
the ground is sinking
Don't let your guard down
That's what they want now
I bought everything you sold off on me

Burning out, float back down
Just a trail of smoke

It's Not Too Late

Written By: Matthew Kendall

I often think of summer sundays
When all we had to be was lazy
And lay upon my roof and watch the sun become the moon
Our days are long, our nights the same
And time's the only thing we're short on
But time can play a lonely game of always running out

Meet me at the river, I'm going now
Don't be late

Everything I have to say
Is best suited for simple ways
A smile before you go or maybe a song for the road
We've had our ups and we've been down
But baby if you listen now
You'll hear a melody that I have dreamed up for you

Meet me at the river, i'm going down
don't be late
It might get worse and then get better now
Let's just hope It's not too late

Aint now way of stopping time
It's best to just enjoy the ride


New LP "Daylight Breaking" released Nov 3rd, is recieving glowing reviews.
in rotation on over 300 radio stations nationwide

2006 - self titled EP
saw rotation on over 200 stations and licensing on MTV's "Real World" "Road Rules" "Human Giant" "My Super Sweet Sixteen" and Oxygen networks "Bad Girls Club"

Set List

Hurry Up, Fault, Garden, Smoke and Vines, Long Enough, It's Not Too Late, Little Waves, Tired and Wasted, The Fronts, Marie, What Am I Supposed To Do, Slow Lane, Eloise,

one hour to hour and a half set