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Rogues Among Us

Houston, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Houston, TX | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Alternative




"Rogues Among Us - The Watcher EP"

There are so many bands in Texas influenced by The Mars Volta. And that’s an understandable phenomenon. There are few modern groups of musicians from our state whose sound has rippled across the world in the way that The Mars Volta and its related projects have. But there are also a lot poseurs out there who would rather ape TMV than build upon its style.

And the worst part about people cribbing too much from this band is that they have to be in the top tenth percentile of musicians technically to even do so. And if you’re capable of rock virtuosity, why not build something of your own? Houston’s Rogues Among Us do that.

They revere TMV, obviously, but they don’t consult that band’s blueprint at every turn. They inhabit the same ethereal world, but not the same street address. Rogues actually manage to accomplish something that has always been very difficult for Omar and his friends. Create approachable pop-prog that can’t be accused of being pretentious drivel.

Popification involves making abstract and arbitrary subject matter and song structures universal enough to grow your audience. They succeed pretty well in this area. My only complaint is that some of the songs tend to drag a little on first listen, but that’s prog in general. Prog takes patience.

“Yugen” is the proggiest track by far. At around 3:20, the post-hardcore hacking and slashing softens and we get an interlude reminiscent of the end of “Brain Damage.” Wobbling theremin/musical saw passages echo against a quiet outro that doesn’t feel the need to being back in more stabs of guitar the way TMV would.

And this is probably too much projection from my own personal thoughts, but the feeble singing at the end of the track reminds me of the refrain “Is it me? For a moment” on Quadrophenia. Both remind me of vintage prog, which is not at all a bad thing.

Rating: + - Ready For The Houston Blog

""Analysis Paralysis" by Rogues Among Us (Translated from Spanish)"

ROGUES AMONG US, a few friends from Houston, Texas, released their second EP a couple of weeks ago, and after a good talk with their vocalist / keyboardist Mark Benavides, I prepared to listen to the album conscientiously. It's an incredible production. "Catchy" for calling her somehow.

Then I'll take you track-by-track for my experience with this record.

1. Maladjusted
The disc begins with a speech like news, and sounds in the background. It is quiet but sets the mood. After the small intro we receive a couple of notes that I swear, I rang to Rush, even if it was only the first 4 measures.

The melody later focuses on the voice, with a bass line that guides us through a very good vocal work. When the choir arrived we noticed a slight acceleration, but the song is still calm.

The background vocal harmonies in the second verse, are a perfect addition to the song. They add a certain feeling of intensity but without becoming aggressive.

We continue with another choir, which this time if it accelerates to, with a little distortion in the guitars.

It's like two sides of a coin. We can even hear a few screams.

The song ends with a STOP THIS !! To make way for the next song.

2. From Within
The song causes an uncontrollable impulse to move the head. And the feet.

Towards the middle of the song an unexpected change occurs.

"Hold your tongue, when (words) fail." A sentence in Spanish, unexpected. With a rhythm on acoustic guitars that give a feeling of flamenco or something similar.

After that bridge, the song places us in the hands of the bass that prepares us for the denouement of the song, back to the original speed. With a vocal climax ending with the song, as if they wanted the audience to hold their breath until the end.

3. Flawless

It begins more with the feeling of being a slow song, although in reality it is not so much. The bass and drums carry the rhythm while guitar produces a small lead in the background, which grows and ends in a chorus with an interesting vocal progression, followed by a verse in which the voice is still shining.

We then get a small bridge with distorted guitars ending in a new verse and chorus, the familiar sound of the voice deceives us into believing that it will be an equal turn. But to the next bridge they lull us with a vocal arrangement followed by pianos accompanied by batteries. A magnificent addition.

The climax of the song is discovered when the guitar enters with a single on the piano, bass and drums. And later a rhythm with vocal choruses of Ohs and Ahs. The song has an excellent ending, which is served as a main course after an exceptional entry.

4. No Cause for Concern
This is approximately half the song, until suddenly and without realizing the song changes to a much more intense, even danceable rhythm. This song reminds me that experimentation within progressive rock is important.

After the explosion we returned to the calm of the beginning. And the song unfolds in a calm and fluid way. The voices interweave a simple yet engaging melody.

Finally the song ends with a happy atmosphere, which does not prepare us for what follows.

5. Cut the Cord
I think they could not choose a better song to finish the record. Again that progression, first give us something fast and forceful. Screams included. They connect with a little break and back to the movement, with a bridge that reminds me of The Mars Turns back slightly. The combination of styles is incredible.

After a bit of noise we found a guitar solo accompanied by piano, yes, this is my favorite song of the album.

The end of the song is a melody of guitars with a simple but intense bass, and a chorus of voices saying FINGERS NUMB, EYES STRAINED


The song ends with the bass dominating the background, and then the voice is left alone.

Keep me safe

Keep me sane

Keep me distracted

Keep me

Analysis Paralysis destroyed and exceeded all my expectations. It's an incredible record that you should listen to without hesitation. It is quiet, but intense. It is not totally heavy, but it maintains that exact touch of aggressiveness. Just what you need. Nothing to excess.

9.9 / 10, just because I would have liked to hear more screams hahaha.

I leave here the networks of Rougues Among Us so that they can listen to their material and follow them.






(Translated from original Spanish language) - Cristóbal Cueva


Analysis Paralysis EP - February 2017

  • Maladjusted
  • From Within
  • Flawless
  • No Cause For Concern
  • Cut the Chord

The Watcher EP - 2015

  • Lesser Grandstander
  • The Wolf
  • Yugen



Rogues Among Us is a Houston, TX based band with a progressive rock sound.  A brew of powerful dissonance, alluring melodies and sublime harmonies will take you on a journey of raw emotion as you tune in to songs full of the true and telling lyrics of Rogues Among Us.  With songs full of passion and soul at the core, RAU is sure to leave you wanting more after every listen.  

Influences include Coheed and Cambria, The Mars Volta, Radiohead, The Dear Hunter, Led Zeppelin, and King Crimson. 

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