Rogue State

Rogue State


Rogue State is a political group that will take the reigns from "Rage Against the Machine" and "Systems of a Down" and move music forward.


Formed by twins Joe and John Beaty, Rogue State plays music fans can rally behind. Hailing from Beaumont, Texas, the Beaty Brothers moved to NY in 2001 (a week before 9/11) where they got Degrees from New School University and New York University. There they met there band mates and found became interested in using there abillities to shed light on injustices politically in the world. While teaching there respective instruments at NYU, the brothers got together a studio EP and are now building a following similar to "Rage Against the Machine".


Rogue State- "Rogue State" self released Feb. 2007. Several can be heard at

Set List

Sets are always original and last from 30 minutes to an hour. With improvisation a key part of the show songs can be shorter or longer depending on circumstances of the night.