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This Jamaican born hot bwoy now a Los Angeles native has been rappin' it up for 11 years. He started making his beats at the turn of the century (2000) and he hasn't stopped yet. This multi-talented producer/rhyme writer is about to embark on what Neo-Soul is to R&B. He's about to innovate the ever-changing world of Hip Hop with his movement and messages. Not only is he a lyricist and producer, but after finishing film school in 2004, he is now a certified filmmaker. Currently he's residing in Atlanta, GA and promoting his indie debut album "THA NICE GUY". His style is innocent, refreshing yet mature, comedic yet he keeps it real. He's not coming as a gangsta, player or a pimp. Less is more in any case! He's just simple and simply "ROHAN".



Set List

1. Fifty Fifty
2. Repo
3. My Momma Not Home
4. Feelz Good
5. Knuckle Head
6. Hold Up
7. Can't Wait