Folk songs, mainly English, in harmony with guitar and concertina. All styles from soft and sensitive to full bore with chorus.


Worcestershire-based Roister is Steve Minett and Roger Tyler who formed as a duo in 2007, founded on a friendship that goes back more than 20 years.

Roger's background is in English traditional song which he has sung since infancy and researched in adulthood to build a wide and varied repertoire around the songs of his home county of Wiltshire. He plays guitar and (sometimes) concertina.

Born in the Black Country, Steve's background is more widely grounded in classical music and jazz as well as folk. He also brings a long history of acclaimed solo singing to the partnership while leading the accompaniment with his subtle work on concertina.

It is, however, the blend of voices that produces the synergy that their audiences enjoy most. Roger's strong lead coupled with Steve's well-thought harmonies produce a resonance that compels you to listen.



Written By: S.C. Foster

Nelly Was a Lady

Down on the Mississippi floating,
Long time I travel on my way,
All night the cotton wood a toting,
Sing to my true love all the day.

Nelly was a lady
Last night she died,
Toll the bell for lovely Nelly
My Virginnia bride.

Now I'm unhappy and I'm weeping,
Can't tote the cotton wood no more;
Last night, while Nelly lay a sleeping,
Death came a-knocking at her door.

When I see Nelly in the morning, Smile till she opens up her eyes,
Seems like the light of day a dawning,
Just before the sun begins to rise.

Down by the margin of the water,
Where the lone weeping willow grows,
There lived Virginnia's lovely daughter;
There she in death may find repose.

Down in the meadow 'mong the clover,
Walk with my Nelly by my side;
Now all those happy days are over;
Farewell to my Virginnia bride.

Farewell Shanty

Written By: Anon.

Farewell Shanty

It is time to go now.
Haul away your anchor.
Haul away your anchor.
'Tis our sailing time.

Get some sail upon her.
Haul away your halyards.
Haul away your halyards.
'Tis our sailing time.

Set her on her course now.
Haul away your foresheets.
Haul away your foresheets.
'Tis our sailing time.

Waves are surging under.
Haul away down-channel.
Haul away down-channel.
On the evening tide.

When my course is over.
Haul away for Heaven.
Haul away for Heaven.
God be by my side.


CD immanent.

Set List

Repertoire includes:Blow Away the Morning Dew (trad.), The Factory Girl (trad.), Farewell Shanty (anon.), The Foxhunt (trad.), The Gallant Huzzar (trad.), Hareas on the Mountain (trad.), The Husbandman and Servingman (trad.), Icy Acres (Colin Wilkie), The Jovial Tinker (trad.), Many Thousands Gone (trad. US), The navvie Man (trad.), Nellie (Steven Foster), Roving on a Winter's Night (trad. US), Shepherd of the Downs (trad.), The Swain's Song (Tyler), Wheat (Tim Laycock).

A typical gig would be two sets lastin 30 to 40 minutes.