Rojo Diablo

Rojo Diablo


We are a one of a kind rock/experimental band driven by guitars, and hard hitting drum lines. We're simply a band that is dong something with a lot of old and modern ideas mixed together to create a sound that is new to us, and the rest of rock music listeners...


Rojo Diablo (*Red Devil or Devil Red)... This term became arrousing to band founders Rich Ouimette, and Andy Leverance, when they created the idea of this band over five years ago! After Rich, and buddy Andy had written the first few, of many, songs (*The Hard One, Am. Gom., So Bad, Jerrado) they began to think..."this is a dream of mine...i want to make music that sounds good to me" thought Rich. "i don't wanna play 'She F*ckin hates me' anymore!"...all at once they stumbled upon a little problem; Andy had to go off to college! NO Drummer! when Rich was stumped with this little issue, he looked to Andy. "i know this kid named Logan...i think he still plays (*based on the drumset that i sold him a couple years back)?!" Andy said. shortly there after they called up Logan, and gave him the low down. Logan, being sick of his not-so professionally aimed punk band, was all ears, and attended his first band practice the following week. Here Logan was introduced to, the songs that had already been written, and the soon to be Bassist, and future guitar player and vocalist...Jesse "huey" Huston. After jamming, writting, and structuring the songs they had, and meanwhile writing more, Rojo (Rich, Jesse, & Logan) added member Tucker Roberts into the mix, as the official bassist, so that Huey could then focus on lead parts and vocals!...shortly there after Rojo had their first gig! Opening up for Rich's old, three years in the making, cover band "Helldorado" at the 2004 Fall Ride Bike ralley, in the great Tomahawk, WI. Rojo played for a selective audience (of around 4,000 bikers roaming main st.), and this short-lived show was a key sign to a successful colaboration! Enthralled as they were, Rojo began booking as many shows as possible! From the Pollack inn, & T-Hawk Bowling alley, To The Elixir, & High Noon Saloon, Rojo began to build a fan/friend base in their own small state! Bassist Tucker Roberts, gave fair warning of his evasion back to college, which put Rojo in a bit of a bundle...In search of a new man for bass, Rich snagged, long time friend and guitar player in his wifes' band, Tim "Spider" Crass, to play bass! Spider joined almost instantly, and learned the songs nearly as quick! Shortly after learning the tunes, and gigging out a bit, Rojo began to record thier first full length self-titled debut "Devil Red". The man behind the production was dear friend of a fellow band "Planet Of Nine" (*Wausau, WI), Jason Rasmussen. During the recording of "Devil Red", Rojo Diablo was hit up by the local rock radio station, Z104 who had booked a couple up and coming national acts (No Adress {RCA Records}, & Deaf Pedestrians {Dot Point Period Records}) at a nearby location, and offered Rojo to play as the second band in the line-up of four bands. Enthralled by the offer, Rojo was in for what has proven to be one of the best and most influential shows of their ongoing career. After doing a couple air shows with the station members played the show, and got amazing feedback from the station, fans, the press and new friends 'Deaf Pedestrians'... Rojo Continued to play out as often as possible. Between playing and working all the time Rojo, and long time companions Planet Of 9 planned the first ever tour for both of the bands. The tour (Considered: 'Share the Load '06) was to consist of two shows in Wisconsin, Madison (Big E's), & Millwakee...and four shows in Rich's home state north Florida. Also, playing shows in Gainesville (Eddie C's), Daytona Beach (Seabreeze Lounge), Jacksonville (French Quarter), and lastly Lake City (Shooters)...Not much is better than ten guys and two bands equipment on one full size school bus...can you say SMELL! Regardless of that the whole tour start to finish went over as a huge success!...and not one hitch! no cops, or bus break-downs, bad shows, or lack of fun (aka-Alcohol)!... Upon Rojo's return they realized that to live in North Florida (Jacksonvile area) would be a great move to take for the band for their first shot at actually making a career of this...Now, you might be thinking, Lake City?? Why Lake City?? Not just Lake City, but Jacksonville, and Gainesville, Tallahassee, Orlando, Daytona, even Palm Beach...they're all within two hours of driving (Except Palm Beach), and they're citites filled with people ready to hear music!... Things are slow because we are currently working very hard on new material for our up and coming album...We plan to be on tour again as soon as it is released! The New album is far greater music than the music foud on our first album...The first album was the key to start the ignition, and the new one, "ANGEL WHITE", is what we expect the rest of the drive to be like...Devil Red hints at the ideas we were aiming for in the future, this album is going to displat those ideas...Individualism, Hard Hitting, Dark, Abrassive, experimenting with creative harmonies in vocals, groove filled riffs on guitars, backed by a drum sound that's creative, yet similar to that of


--Rojo Diablo- "Devil Red" (*debut album)

--Angel White demos (rough mixes of upcoming album)

--'The Hard One' apeared on *D'Aces "UNLEASHED" motorcycle stunts DVD in 2006

--"The Hard One" "JoeBob" & "Goldtinted" music videos have been released

--"The Hard One" "Jerrado" "Joebob" "Goldtinted"
"American Gomorrah" are all played on regular rotation on central WI's hard rock station Z104.1

--We've also appeared on streaming...

Set List

¢»Intro/ (*Theo)
¢»Let me Go
¢»So Bad
¢»Dirt Road
¢»You Don't Know
¢»American Gomorrah
¢»You Were Wrong
¢»13 Stitches
¢»Fade Away
¢»Wash It Away
¢»Left For Dead
¢»Joe Bob
¢»Gold Tinted
¢»Hard One
¢»Time Alone
¢»By the Way
¢»New Hottness
¢»Back where I started
¢»Angel White