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Reykjavík, Capital Region, Iceland

Reykjavík, Capital Region, Iceland
Band Alternative Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Grapevine Concert Review"

"Thankfully, as the weather turned vastly pleasant, the gracious Rökkurró followed in procession. The multi-instrumental five piece followed eloquently through their set, combining romantic shoegaze, shimmering guitar tweaks and sensual femella vocals. Contrasting dramatic strings and intelligent drum patterns kept the crowd in awe."

-Jonathon Baker Esq. - The Reykjavík Grapevine

"Review from Reykjavík Grapewine"

"The debut full-lenght release of five-piece Rökkurró [...] is a pleasant youthful exercise in krútt classically-inspired pop. [...] The songs are as gentle as the front cover illustration and title ("It..s getting colder tonight") would suggest, and sway playfullt and harmoniously without clear bearing. The album is, dispite, demonstrates excellent musicianship and does well to secure itself as a creditable first release."

VÞ - Reykjavík Grapewine

"German CD review - 8/10"

"Es geschieht ja nun wirklich selten, dass ganz unverhofft eine Platte auf den Schreibtisch schwebt, die vom ersten bis zum letzten Ton so herzerweichend schön und beseelt ist, dass man am liebsten mehrere Tränen verdrücken möchte. "Það kólnar í kvöld..." ist solch eine Platte."

Kai Wehmeier - Plattentests Online

"Italian CD review - 7/10"

Ondarock.it - 7/10
"Rökkurró, cinque ragazzi di Reykjavík che nel 2006 hanno dato vita a un progetto artistico, incentrato su uno strano connubio tra reminiscenze del folk nordico, approccio moderatamente orchestrale e una sensibilità di fondo moderna, a tratti non distante da certe sfumature post-rock. [...] Perennemente in bilico tra lieve semplicità melodica folk-pop e imprevedibili torsioni elettriche, "Það Kólnar Í Kvöld..." è un disco fresco e solare, che rivela una nuova band islandese in grado di far parlare di sé al di fuori dei patrii confini; la sua identità non sembra ancora del tutto definita, ma senz'altro apprezzabile tanto nella misurata rideclinazione dell'orchestralità elettrica quanto, soprattutto, nei passaggi più semplici, nei quali la sognante morbidezza di un folk melodico, godibilissimo e senza tempo, segnala le potenzialità dei Rökkurró, individuandoli come l'ennesima band islandese in grado col tempo di far parlare di sé a livello internazionale."

Raffaello Russo - Ondarock.it

"French CD review"

Millefeuille Webzine
"L'approche musicale des cinq Islandais est bel et bien double. Chant haut perché, emploi appréciable de la langue islandaise, guitares résonnantes et cristallines, violoncelle rythmique et enrobant. Une ossature gracile, d’inspiration un brin post-rock, rampe de lancement à de remarquables envolées lyriques, mélodiques et électriques, pour un emprunt très personnel des couloirs aériens habituellement fréquentés par Jón Þór Birgisson et sa troupe. Ferðalangurinn, Dagur þrjú, Ljósglæta. Xylophone et accordéon omniprésents et fort mis en avant, outils de la piqûre de rappel systématique à la terre. Aux vastes espaces fertiles et verdoyants foulés par Múm et Amiina. Habillage électronique en moins. Hún, Hetjan á fjallinu, Heiðskýr heimsendir."

Thibaut G. - Millefeuille Webzine


Í Annan Heim
August 2010
(12 Tónar)

Það kólnar í kvöld...
October 2007
(12 Tónar)

Rökkurró EP
June 2006
Homemade - around 300 copies



Rökkurró’s melancholic serenades are evocative of the cold and desolate landscapes of their distant homeland. Mesmerising tones and swooping strings projected against a bleak and solitary Nordic backdrop. And yet, unique warmth pervades Rökkurró’s music owed to the fragile and soothing voice of Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir.

Their debut Það Kólnar Í Kvöld.. (It’s Getting Colder Tonight) was released in 2007 in Iceland, Europe and Japan to great critical acclaim, followed by tour dates with iconic figures of the Icelandic music scene múm and celebrated neo-classical composer Ólafur Arnalds.

Three years on Rökkurró are releasing their sophomore album Í Annan Heim (In Another World) produced by Alex Somers, partner and music collaborator of Jónsi Þór Birgisson (Sigur Rós). Í Annan Heim is a collection of nine graceful compositions that showcase a darker, more expansive and mature sound, full of meticulously crafted melodies, complex arrangements and smooth sonic textures.

Rökkurró was selected by Clash Magazine to play at the Nordic Music Export clubnight Ja Ja Ja in London in October 2010.

"Í Annan Heim is one of the best-written and also best-produced albums coming out of Iceland this year."
Ólafur Arnalds, Icelandic composer

“Delicate lullabies sung in Icelandic.”
Drowned In Sound (UK)

“Rökkurró excited us with their haunting alternative folk where heavy melancholy goes hand in hand with a light pop sensation.”
All Scandinavian (DK)

"...a spectacular development. The toolkit was extended, the arrangements have become more sophisticated, the group members more self-confident, playing music that sounds mindful and mature. ...the secret weapon of the group, in addition to its graceful compositions, undoubtedly is the thin siren voice of cellist Hildur Kristin Stefansdóttir that fits perfectly with the fairytale atmosphere."
Dirk Steenhaut - Goddeau (BE)

"Their music does go some way to representing that image in sound, complete with the cold landscape of Iceland outside; because the Reykjavik residents create that equally grand and delicate sound that, for some reason, only Nordic bands seem capable of pulling off."
CMU Daily (UK)

"Pulling lots of stereotypically icy tricks but blending it with such a heartfelt vocal and good warm dollop of strings, this is the perfect song to gaze out onto the lake (or just the main road running outside your door...) on the first proper cold day of the year."
Neu Magazine (UK)

"Rökkurró is quickly developing as one of Iceland's premiere bands."
The Muse Magazine (CA)

"An incredibly sweet Icelandic five piece. I think being Icelandic makes you auto-cute. The lady assumed British people wouldn’t like them because she thought we didn’t like Icelandic things, because of the banks and the volcanic ash. This, of course, was not the case and everyone was clearly charmed by their pretty music."
Anika In London (UK)

“Rökkurró have a cello-playing frontwoman with a lovely voice and songs to match.”
Si Hawkins - Clash Magazine (UK)

"Rökkurró are a scarily young and scarily talented young band who do exactly that, exhibiting spirit, subtlety and versatility across the course of their amazing debut 'Í Annan Heim' Very pretty in an audibly Icelandic style."
Snipe (UK)

"Rökkurró really prove there is a lot more coming out of Iceland than volcanic ash, Bjork and collapsing banking structures."
Vainzine (UK)

“The folk-tinged reverie of the wailing accordion and carefully plucked guitars sends you off sailing through the clouds.”
Let Me Like It (NL)

"It happens so rarely that quite unexpectedly an album appears on your desk that is so heartfelt and beautiful from the first to last note that you want to burst into tears."
Plattentests (GER)

"The dreamy softness of Rökkurró's folk melodies, enjoyable and timeless, indicate the potential of yet another Icelandic band that eventually will be able to to be talked about at international level."
Ondarock (IT)