Roky Moon and BOLT!

Roky Moon and BOLT!

 Houston, Texas, USA

A contemporary take on glam and pomp rock. Roky Moon and BOLT! have combined their powerful, theatrical compositions and high energy performances into a show that, while reminiscent of Bowie, T-Rex, Rundgren, Queen and others... is uniquely their own.. and very much at home in the 21st century.


None of them knew each other from Adam. Most times, the origin of a good rock n’ roll band centers around a few buddies in a crappy practice room somewhere in a bad part of town, fluorescent lights humming overhead, a case of cheap beer torn open on the floor, empties strewn about, amps buzzing while everyone tries to figure out what song they all know and can jam on. But this was not the case with the beginnings of Roky Moon and BOLT! Not hardly!
The story begins in the closing months of 2008 in a dimly lit apartment in Houston. Roky Moon (lead vocals, acoustic guitar) writes a handful of glammy tunes that update the best parts of David Bowie, T.Rex, Queen, Meatloaf, etc. and are in direct contrast with Houston’s hard/noise/grindcore, DJ/hip-hop and indie-pop scenes that are all in various states of cyclical flourish and decline. Roky cherry-picked 3 scene veterans who he himself knew, but had never spoken to one another before entering the practice room to play. The name on said practice room read Chad Pinter (bass), a guitar player/amplifier handyman/vintage gear aficionado who Roky convinced to switch from 6 to 4 strings for this new project. Jeoaf Johnson (drums) was called in to serve as the other half of the rhythm section, as he had made a name for himself in more punkish outfits for being an enthusiastic, solid and heavy-hitting drummer. The secret weapon up Roky’s sleeve had to be Aaron Echegaray (lead guitar/vocals). Roky and Aaron were longtime friends and had played together in bands in the past; in addition to his otherworldly guitar playing abilities, Aaron’s theatrical experience consistently makes Roky Moon and BOLT! shows spectacles in and of themselves.
With this lineup in place, they resisted the urge to play in front of anyone until they were a well-oiled machine. Instead, they opted for 3 and a half months of diligent practice before unveiling 5 songs at a highly-anticipated debut outing in front of a nearly sold-out crowd at the legendary Houston venue Walter’s on Washington on March 6, 2009.
A few months passed, the band gigged, and while Roky was pleased with the way things were going, he was not yet fully content with the sound that they had achieved. Enter Cassie Hargrove (piano, vocals). After catching a particularly energetic show supporting stoner sludge legends Harvey Milk and downing many beers, Cassie excitedly approached the band, raved about how she heard piano lines to accompany the songs in her head and pleaded for a chance to try out for the band. Roky invited her to sit in with the band at the next practice to see what she could bring to the table. Cassie’s classical training combined with her frenetic playing style fit perfectly with the band’s sound and she was immediately welcomed into the fold.
With a rock solid line-up firmly in place, Roky Moon and BOLT! greeted the following months with more high-profile shows with regional and national acts including Sugar & Gold and Dax Riggs, supporting Houston’s own Wild Moccasins and the Ton Tons on their respective record release shows, turning in buzz-worthy performances at the 2009 South-by-Southwest music festival in Austin, the final two Westheimer Block parties and the inaugural (and each successive) Free Press Summerfest in Houston, all of which had bloggers both locally and nationally scrambling to sing their praises. In addition to garnering a consistent live following and grabbing the attention of internet critics, the band made the print press perk up and take note. At the 2009 Houston Press Music Awards, Roky Moon and BOLT! snagged the award for Best New Act as well as Best New Act to Get Together in the their 2009 “Best of…” edition, further cementing their reputation as a favorite among the holy trinity of show-going music enthusiasts, seen-it-all rock critics and scene-crashing hipsters. Radio got in on the act, as well, putting the band in regular rotation and hosting live in-studio performances on both KTRU 91.7FM and KPFT 90.1FM in Houston and prompting feature spots on 90.5 KUT in Austin. Noticing the attention they were receiving, Jason Nodler of Catastrophic Theatre tapped the band to appear as Daniel Johnston’s fantasy band and cast them in other various roles in the production of “Life Is Happy and Sad,” a play depicting the renowned Austin musician’s lonely college years. (Upon seeing a performance, the real-life Johnston excitedly remarked that Roky Moon and BOLT! sounded “great!” and “just like KISS!” and repeated this sentiment in an interview published in the October 2010 issue of Free Press Houston).
Knowing that people would soon begin demanding recorded material, the band entered Master Bedroom Studios, recorded 2 tracks with Joe Weber for the Artstorm Collective’s “Summer Exposure” compilation CD and assembled a 7 song CD-R from demos, compilation album and live tracks to distribute on their spring tour.
After playing their tour kickoff show to a packed house at the Mink in


Roky Moon and BOLT! - Home Skool Recordz 2010
American Honey - Zenhill Records 2011

American Honey can be heard in it's entirety at