Roland Gilbert Rosas

Roland Gilbert Rosas

 Alhambra, California, USA

A combination of U2, Coldplay, and The Doors, we play an eclectic blend of pop, folk, with rock and jazz undertones. We play our versions of cover songs, mostly U2, and some of our originals.


In 1996 Roland Rosas and Louis Vasquez met during freshers weeks at Pasadena City College. They got together to form a band they called SR7. Next university friend Gerry Treslum joined them, and the band’s name was changed to StarKiller. Local clubs showed some interest in them, and the band played a number of small gigs in the Pasadena area. Early in 1998, Will Cambridge joined the band to play bass (he’d never played them before, but was an all-round musical talent, quickly mastered them). Not long after Will joined, the band's name underwent a final change - to Nuborn Babies.


Hollywood Girl

Written By: Roland Rosas


I was heading down
By her Los Angeles apartment
Would you wait for me
When I wouldn’t wait for you

I caught a glimpse of a rising star
Down Sunset Boulevard
Could you be my only way out
Out of here, through this burning sun

I wanna sleep with, a Hollywood Girl
I wanna go home with you, to see your blinding lights
I wanna sleep with, a Hollywood Girl
And I want the whole world, to see her beauty shine on me

See a face in the crowd, walkin by I kissed your lips and it
Tasted sweeter than, the sweetest honey nectars
And if I could I’d wanna take you, to my room
And steal a warm embrace all over you
My face still reminds you

And if I could I’d take the sunlight
And shine it on, on, on you, just to see your lovely face

I wanna sleep with, a Hollywood Girl
I’ll take the bright lights and aim them away
I wanna sleep with a Hollywood Girl

Inside your limelight, beating blinding a way for me
I know you’ll try to break away, honey I know you will
So take good care of my love

The Ryno

Written By: Roland Gilbert Rosas

Written for The Spearmint Rhino

See I love it how she do that thang
Drop it low and move that thang
Try my best to send her back but she keep comin round like boomerang
Who the man, I is, dropped a couple stacks that’s what I did
She moving so fast can’t close my eye lids
I’m fly kid, probably why those hoes just circle round
All that ass and titty put a smile on my face like circus clowns
Jump around, got me at aten-hut like full soldiers
Get up on this rhino girl I’ll ram that ass like bulldozers

We the pimps suck it in it’s so tight
Bonafide thugs we pimpin that hide
Meet me in the club where we going buck wild
Come on come on
The only Jade Fire gushin all night
In the couch where we hittin so tight
Either the way that new chic is on the test we wet her chest
Ride the sticky pole and I make you wet, yeah

Turn around to the left baby straddle that mass
Work it girl keep on twirkin I see you bouncing that ass
Can ya move for me, and when you move sweep it low
Then I lick it up your thighs so gone and give me some more

And I cum and you cum and I’m a work that pussy in the morning
And I cum and you cum for me, and baby we can take it on next to exctasy

Come on now girls and ride the rhino, rhino ladies I know they wanna go
Come on now boys and touch my body, the breast stroke is our thang

The rhino the rhino the rhino

I know you want that boy, but it’s gone a cost ya

Rhino I’m comin home

28s on my mutha fuckin drop , every time I hit the scene the hoes get happy
Niggas hatin on me but I’m just laughing, yeah I’m in that whip fast I’m overlappin
Yeah, the beat I’mma jack it, and yo bitch she’s target practice
I’m just sippin on some shit you haven’t had, commin like a rhino hella fast, bags, kush, blast

Bitch do the math, I ain’t talking class, LV’s on every fucking tag
Yeah Bitch I’m spaced out she think we goin to dinner but hoe it’s take out
And my cheese all in my mutha fuckin safe house

Yeah gotta have it all, never off, cause I gotta get it all
Yeah takin over your girls, green chase make em’ hurl, takin over the world

Getting all this money yet a nigga stay workin’
Leave the club with two hoes on purpose
Yeah I’m fresher than detergent
And niggas hatin on me
I get that every day cause my swag is on three yeah
Three thousand, Andrea 3000
And you niggas keep countin
My bank account is risin
By bitches yes they fightin
My whip is hella lightning

Yeah yellow paint yeah the yellow faint
See the chains all, 50 on my neck that’s the same song

Dam niggas aint got the swag that I got and you ain’t got the bags that I’ve copted

Bring that ass back, can you twirk it fast girl, can you twirk it fast
Bring that ass back girl, brink that ass back, bring that ass back, can you twirk it girl, can you twirk it fast

Baby the Rhino, the Rhino, the Rhino….


Hollywood Girl