Roland Kornelsen

Roland Kornelsen


My name is Roland Kornelsen. I mostly work solo. I write songs, play them, play the guitar, do some of my own recordings, and besides have my day job. I have great interest in music and trying to influence people by it. It's great to see some one in the crowd singing back at you. Roland Kor..


Roland Kornelsen was born Oct. 20 1987 in wow!; Mexico by non-mexican parents. He is not hispanic. Born in Mexico Canadian citizenship and feel like an American is how he discribes himself.
Please read below for details or contact or VoIP 405-227-0792

I love music. I enjoy singing. Writing and recording are also very uplifting, yet challenging. I'm looking forward to advancing my career in music. I have listened a lot to George Strait and Alan Jackson when I was a kid. I kinda moved over to newer country, but I still love the fiddle/steel guitar thing those guys have going on.


It gets me Thinkin'

Written By: Roland Kornelsen

It gets me Thinkin’

1. One of my friends was married a few weeks ago
And it got me thinking should we start our own home
But there is work to do and many a thing to know
When sharing my life with her and I`m not alone
Will we be alright or will it all go down wrong,

A kiss everyday before I go to work
One bad word to her, that’ll make it hurt

Chorus: Kneel and do a prayer so soft and sweet
Workin’ hard every day always enough to eat
It’s a serious thing, but it gets me thinkin’
There are some things that I will never really understand.

2. There are feelings that I just can`t explain to you
But I’ll be strong and I promise on the rock we`ll stand
And I sure hope that you feel the same way to
I know we won’t be perfect but it gets me thinkin’

Repeat Chorus:

3. Till death does part seems like a very long time
When blonde starts to fade and out comes the gray
We’ll still have fun all the time; yes we should be fine
We will be just as happy then, as we are today
Just a few more good things that can get me thinkin’

Repeat Chorus:

Last time after chorus: "Yeah it’s a wonderful thing, and I`ve been thinkin’"

There are some things that I will never really understand


Some of my songs are recieving radio play. Most of them are very simple kind of classic country style songs. I`m trying to change over to professional music. One of the songs I sing is to be used in a TV Show called THE DRIVE. Its a christians show for youth.

Set List

I don't play out a lot since I mostly do stuff solo but if I would get a gig together; well, a concert per say, I think about one hour maybe a little more should do. Keep them wishing for more instead of boring them.