Roland Tchakounte

Roland Tchakounte


Listening to Roland Tchakounte is like enjoying Blues’ African roots again; like hearing free men’s voices before they were enslaved. He delivers a Native Blues, with African sounds embedded in European culture. He sings in Bamileke, a dialect from his native country: Cameroon.


A truly international artist, Roland Tchakounte was born in Cameroon and shared his career between France, Europe and Japan. Following a few band experiences, he has confirmed his very own “blues roots” style by performing in duet with slide man Mick Ravassat. His latest album released in 2005 is sung from start to end in Bamiléké, Roland’s mother language.

Even if his entrancing singing clearly shows its origins, this Parisian by adoption distances himself a bit from traditional African music, always taking his audience by surprise with occidental-like playing. Amongst his compositions, the influence of Muddy Waters or John Lee Hooker is not far away and one can easily imagine cotton field landscapes bathed in a desert haze filtering through the melodies. Roland Tchakounté plays “indigenous” blues with an African heart and a European culture.

The first ever French artist invited to perform at the prestigious Chicago Blues Festival alongside Buddy Guy and Robert Lockwood Jr., he has also received the Cognac Blues Passions’ Special Award from “Tremplin Blues sur Seine 2005” (France) and in 2006, Quebec reserved him the warmest welcome, both at Montreal’s International FestiBlues and within the “Blues Planet” show –alongside Grégory Charles, Corky Siegel, Travis Knight - under the management of Guy St Onge.
Broadcast by TV5 for the United States.
He usually plays with Mick Ravassat on the Dobro guitar but with a new accomplice as well: Mathias Bernheim on percussion. Bass player Jack Thysen sometimes joins them when even more brilliance is needed.


Discography :
1980: 2 33T(Cameroun)
2000 : CD "Bred bouh shuga blues"
2001 : CD Tremplin 2000 Blues sur Seine (2 titles)
2005 : CD « Aba Ngo »
2006 : CD Tremplin 2005 Blues sur Seine (2 titles)

Set List

When Roland Tchakounté performs
in duo : 1 set of 45' to 60'( + Mick Ravassat on the dobro
in trio: 2 sets of 45' ( +Mathias Bernheim on percussions)
R. T. : as long as negociated