Roley Yuma

Roley Yuma

 Dayton, Ohio, USA

An indie rock band from the depths of Dayton, OH. Blending fast, dirty riffs with melodic vocals, they often break down into a softer side with wild dynamics, hypnotic storytelling, and intertwining guitars that seem poised to collapse at any minute, but seem to always find a hook to reel us in.


Roley Yuma came together in the summer of 2009 in Dayton, Ohio. Born from some budding recording projects, Randy, Tyler, Kevin and Aaron decided to combine forces and try to do something unique and different in the Dayton area. The four decided to rent a dump of a house in a dump of a neighborhood together and get to work. The band's music began to take shape: winding guitars, driving rhythms from the drums and bass, Cornett's powerful vocals, and sprinkled with organs and keys. With new songs in hand, the band set out to make some waves in the city. After only a few months playing in town, Roley Yuma was offered the chance to be the artist in residence at South Park Tavern for a month in early 2010. As momentum began to build, the band entered the studio that summer to record their debut album "Sun Tea." The record was met with great reception from fans, bloggers, and critics who caught wind. "With guitar work ranging from jangle to droney, they create near-perfect backdrops for the exceptionally literate lyricism of Cornett," writes one reviewer.
Since "Sun Tea," Roley Yuma has been hard at work, writing and refining their craft, playing frequently in Dayton as well as branching out into the surrounding cities. They have also appeared twice in the Dayton Music Festival. In 2011the band released a live EP recorded at Dayton mainstay Blind Bob's. Currently Roley Yuma have just finished a new EP, due out in June on Gas Daddy Go Records. They look forward to hitting the road this summer and fall and getting back to work on the next LP.


"Sun Tea" (2010)
"Live at Blind Bob's" (2011)

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