Undeniable! A voice that projects with crisp clarity spiced with a soulful smooth tone. A rhythmic strum reminiscent of that motown groove yet structure obscures the genra which marks his signature. Each song differs from the next and still with passionate words he maintains that connection.


Unplugged or electrified, there is only one word that describes Roller and that is undeniable. From his enthused welcome to his grateful goodbyes, Rollers' live performance is a definite must see.
The band strikes on que and singer songwriter Wayne Roller joins in with such crisp clarity that by no choice you begin to feel his deep passion for music. A passion that generously exudes to the audience with such demand that your attention is inevitably captured.
His rhyhmic strum is certainly reminiscent of that old motown groove while his progression and tempo changes leaves you to question the genra of music you are hearing.
It is apparent that through music Roller releases his emotions that by no question is inspired by past experiences. Truly setting his soul free and catharsis heal his mind. A self doctor if you will, medicating and intoxicating his wounds in order to overcome and move on. Wayne Roller offers a plate of deep emotions that you will submissively consume with delight.
His thought provoking words will remind you of your own life making that true connection through music. Comfort and ease sets the mood initiated by his humor and humbling persona. "It's the only thing that can really bring us all together as one race., Human."
As you leave after the show, a melancholy sense of relief or perhaps a sense of belonging will take you back to make a quick withdrawal from your memory bank so that you may hear Wayne Rollers' sweet and distinct voice singing that particular song that really hit home.
Wayne Rollers' musical journey began back in San Diego where in high school he was unknowingly following his passion. He was very active in the music department as a percussionist/drummer. He learned theory and lettered in music was drumline captain during his last year. He even landed a role in the schools performance of the musical "Grease".
After realizing his love for the arts, Wayne Roller pursuit his passion then eventually landed his first job as a performer at Enchanted Village in Washington state leading him to eventually move to Seattle for good. He left a well known dance troop "Dancesation LIve" back home in hopes to enter into something more challenging.
Roller has been in every aspect of the performing arts. He landed a job as a singing/dancing waiter on "The Spirit of Puget Sound"in Seattle. he took a stab at stand up comedy doing open mic nights at "The Comedy Underground", was in a comedy troop, and landed a part in an independent film. Nothing was going to keep Roller from being on stage. It was until 1996 that Roller joined up with some musicians to form his first band VeeDaVoo. Only soon after the completion of their first and only CD "Pioneer" that Roller moved onto a more serious project called Men From Mars. It is at this point that he gets his musical feet wet. In fact, soaked.
After only being in the scene for a year Roller captured interest that eventually took him on a West Coast tour that included some venues such as the famous "Roxy" and Sammy Hagars' own "Cabo Wabo". But once again his progress and enthusiasm did not match the rest of the band and again leaving behind a self titled LP.
With his debut CD finished, Wayne Roller is now ripe and ready for the next level. Stronger and more mature he holds his destiny in his own hands. Wayne Roller is just a matter of time. Undeniable.


Sweet Angel

Written By: Wayne Roller


Verse 1

Shes got round eyes and rosy cheeks that will sweep you off your feet
She's a littlte pony ridin girl, she's addicted to the beat.
Her kiss is the kind that hugs you and makes you feel so cool
And I play this little number everytime I think of you yeah.


And daddy's gonna always be there to wash away your tears.
I've seen you walk and crawl and slowlyblossom through the years
No one can ever take away all the love that we have shared and so I
Dedicate this one to you
There's nothin I won't do ooh

Pre-chorus (keys in lightly)

Sweet Angel
For you Sweet Angel
There's nothin I won't do sweet angel
For you sweet angel

Verse 2

Always floating on a carassel, if you look you might get high
Better bring a compass you'll get lost deep in her eyes yeah
If ever you were ever sad all you have to do is sleep
She'll have you feelin fine when she woes you in your dreams yeah

Chorus (keys in lightly)
Pre-Chorus (keys get louder and maintains volume)

Know A Place

Written By: Wayne Roller

Verse 1

Early misty mornin leaves are blowin by

Late November winds, looks like rainy skys
BV rainy skys (harmonise)
I'm lyin in my bed knowin I can't sleep

When I close my eyes baby it's you that I see
BV you that I see (harmonise)
Pre Chorus
That's when I start to wonder BV What would you

Just what would you say BV If I could

If I were to ask you

Would you spend time with me BV (harmonise)


Cause I know this place. That we both can go
BV And I know this place
Share a cup of coffee. Then maybe get to know

Cause I know this place. And it's not that far
BV And I know this place
Baby we can take it slow. We ca ride in my beat up car BV (harmonise)

And it's not that far BV (harmonise)

Verse 2

And I can hear the cool breeze wispering your name

I'm wishing you were here tellin me that you felt the same
BV tellin me that you felt the same (harmonise)
And I can get the nerve but only in my mind

Whn I pick up that phone your number I can't dial
BV your number I can't dial (harmonise)
Pre Chorus
Verse 3

Yesterday you smiled at me and turned away

I got all choked up I coudn't find the words to say
BV couldn't find the words to say (harmonise)
I look in the mirror and there I can see

An imprisoned heart waitng for you to set free
BV waiting for you to set free (harmonise)
Pre Chorus

Baby baby we can take it slow And I know this place
BV we can take it slow (harmonise)

And it's not that far BV (harmonise)


Written By: Wayne Roller


Verse 1

Deal another hand open up a can of silly games
Your mama's a stranger danger's written in her name
Dance on fire liar that's what you choose
And the smell of anger lingers on till they loose their minds
Slowly loose theis minds

Verse 2

Oh so drastic plastic's what you've become
I'm counting on a prayer later sippin on some rum
Sittin in your palace Alice never had that chance
And I can't stand it she's so much more advanced than me


Everytime I look at you
I'm afraid that I might fall (2nd vocals) You better watch your step
Fall in the depths of
Everytime I look at you
I'm afraid that I might fall (2nd vocals) You better watch your step
Fall in the depths of love Or you just might


What you do is what you say
And what you need is what you don't

Verse 3

What's your clop bother can't get a break
Never mind who says os there's so much I can take
Bring out the criminal give it all back in a flash
And I can't help you mind you I'm gonna crash for sure



1998 VEEDAVOO "Pioneer"LP
2002 MEN FROM MARS "Men From Mars"LP
2006 ROLLER "Thrown For A Loop To Loop"LP

Set List

ORIGINAL MATERIAL(total-43 songs)
"Thrown For A Loop To Loop"13 song LP +

Carry Me Home Somethings Gotta Give
About You Just Remember
Movin On Fly Go Bye
Not Alone My Release
Sink Right In Early Train
Mourming Star Little Boy
Concrete Metal Too Late
Must it Be Picture In My Box
Crimson Nightmare Little Maria
Gone Away Meet The Devil
Let Go B-Day Here I Go
Catch Me Goodbye Perfect Night
Big Brother Where Ever I Go
Vampire Eyes That Change
Same As Christmas Christmas Time

COVER SONGS-(Total-17)
Bruse Hornsby-Mandoline Rain
Jeff Buckly-Hallelujah
Kermit The Frog-Rainbow Connection
Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here
Comfortably Numb
Hall And Oates-Sara Smile
John Lennon-Imagine
Seals And Crofts-Summer Breeze
James Taylor-Sweet Baby James