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The best kept secret in music


"Local artist Roller's new indie release refreshing change of pace in crowded local music scene"

Perry Smith
Issue date: 2/14/07 Section:
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An interesting blend combining a mix of Incubus and Jack Johnson-esque guitar stylings and lyrics with an approach that comes across as genuine and original, Wayne Roller's "Thrown For a Loop to Loop," is a relaxing and enjoyable album from start to finish from this accomplished Southern California transplant.

Roller, who performs, writes and produces all of his songs himself, didn't exactly take the express lane to becoming a recording artist. The unsigned performer was a percussionist as a musician in high school before joining an award-winning dance troop - which he then abandoned for a stint as a stand-up comic at a local club, The Comedy Underground.

Roller then decided to pursue his musical talents, and his renaissance education in the performing arts shows through in the variety of musical influences apparent on the album. Although that should be little surprise from an artist whose set regularly includes covers from artists as varied as Marvin Gaye to Pink Floyd.

If the album is consistent in any respect, it's that Roller's vocals remain fluid with his trusty acoustic and backing band - whether he's playing one of his more pensive, introspective songs such as "Ironman," or the more upbeat "Bottle of Gin."

The artist manages to avoid falling into the trap of artist emulation - its not necessarily with the subject matter of his songs, which range from lost love to just trying to have a good time while balancing life's troubles - but the way his vocals carry the tracks separate him musically from his nearest comparison.

Roller recently began a tour to promote the album on a tour playing various venues around the Northwest, and will be in western Washington in the next couple of days. For a local enjoyable live music show I would recommend giving "Roller" a listen.

His music is also available at his website at
- The Olympian

"Music Review"

"High powered vocal passion shines a light on the lyrics with a lot of soul dripping through. The merger of styles and clear influences form a sound that is distinct and easily brands his own style." - Clint McBay, Taxi A&R Co.


1998 VEEDAVOO "Pioneer"LP
2002 MEN FROM MARS "Men From Mars"LP
2006 ROLLER "Thrown For A Loop To Loop"LP


Feeling a bit camera shy


Unplugged or electrified, there is only one word that describes Roller and that is undeniable. From his enthused welcome to his grateful goodbyes, Rollers' live performance is a definite must see.
The band strikes on que and singer songwriter Wayne Roller joins in with such crisp clarity that by no choice you begin to feel his deep passion for music. A passion that generously exudes to the audience with such demand that your attention is inevitably captured.
His rhyhmic strum is certainly reminiscent of that old motown groove while his progression and tempo changes leaves you to question the genra of music you are hearing.
It is apparent that through music Roller releases his emotions that by no question is inspired by past experiences. Truly setting his soul free and catharsis heal his mind. A self doctor if you will, medicating and intoxicating his wounds in order to overcome and move on. Wayne Roller offers a plate of deep emotions that you will submissively consume with delight.
His thought provoking words will remind you of your own life making that true connection through music. Comfort and ease sets the mood initiated by his humor and humbling persona. "It's the only thing that can really bring us all together as one race., Human."
As you leave after the show, a melancholy sense of relief or perhaps a sense of belonging will take you back to make a quick withdrawal from your memory bank so that you may hear Wayne Rollers' sweet and distinct voice singing that particular song that really hit home.
Wayne Rollers' musical journey began back in San Diego where in high school he was unknowingly following his passion. He was very active in the music department as a percussionist/drummer. He learned theory and lettered in music was drumline captain during his last year. He even landed a role in the schools performance of the musical "Grease".
After realizing his love for the arts, Wayne Roller pursuit his passion then eventually landed his first job as a performer at Enchanted Village in Washington state leading him to eventually move to Seattle for good. He left a well known dance troop "Dancesation LIve" back home in hopes to enter into something more challenging.
Roller has been in every aspect of the performing arts. He landed a job as a singing/dancing waiter on "The Spirit of Puget Sound"in Seattle. he took a stab at stand up comedy doing open mic nights at "The Comedy Underground", was in a comedy troop, and landed a part in an independent film. Nothing was going to keep Roller from being on stage. It was until 1996 that Roller joined up with some musicians to form his first band VeeDaVoo. Only soon after the completion of their first and only CD "Pioneer" that Roller moved onto a more serious project called Men From Mars. It is at this point that he gets his musical feet wet. In fact, soaked.
After only being in the scene for a year Roller captured interest that eventually took him on a West Coast tour that included some venues such as the famous "Roxy" and Sammy Hagars' own "Cabo Wabo". But once again his progress and enthusiasm did not match the rest of the band and again leaving behind a self titled LP.
With his debut CD finished, Wayne Roller is now ripe and ready for the next level. Stronger and more mature he holds his destiny in his own hands. Wayne Roller is just a matter of time. Undeniable.