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Roller Genoa are a polyhedric indie rock band from Ukraine, who at the moment are ranked in the first position of both Best New Unsigned Artist and Best New Song contests on

Tell us about yourself! How did you all get together and formed Roller Genoa?

There’s nothing special in the way we get together, I’m afraid, it’s just a story of three close friends who wanted to play music, that’s it. The best thing in Roller Genoa is that from the very beginning we were different. I mean in our town they play heavy music, you know, metal-, hard-core, but we were definitely the first ones who started to play garage rock, post-punk stuff. Though everyone of us have played in various bands before, I consider those bands to be nothing more than a joke really. We all are very proud of what we’re doing now and that’s an amazing feeling, you know.

Which acts have shaped and inspired you?

These are definitely The Strokes, most of all, The Rascals and Twisted Wheel. I’d really like to say thank you to these bands as they formed our vision on the way how good music should be written.

How would you describe your music?

Well, I consider Roller Genoa to be a rock’n'roll band. I’m afraid people forgot what is rock’n'roll nowadays. I don’t mean “sex, drugs & …”,I mean music that will make you dance even if it’s the worse damned day of your live, your dog’s dead, you’ve been fired, y’know what I mean. I don’t wanna change the world with my music. I’m tired of all those idiots who say such things. I just wanna make people dance you know, and that’s it. We are a rock’n'roll band, nothing more and nothing less.

What can you tell about your music making process?

Today we don’t really have regular rehearsals, there’s no need to have ones ’cause we usually rehears if some new material appear. When I have 2-3 themes we gather round and think what we can do with that. When the music is ready I write lyrics. That’s how Roller Genoa works.

What are your best moments as musicians?

Oh, playing live is definitely the best thing ever, because of the people who come to your show. It’s damn exciting to see how they act and react to your music, you know. I don’t like when some bands say “this gig was bad, shitty crowd, shitty sound”, every single show is something special to everyone of us. It’s like a little discovery every single time. Well, it so probably ’cause we’re young now, but it is definitely true.

What is the best and worst thing about the music scene in Ukraine?

Well, a big amount of quality bands start to appear today in Ukraine and the level of our underground music is growing up and really fast. I’m very pleased ’cause of this fact. BUT the problem is that the majority of all these bands probably don’t have a future, because major labels don’t wanna have record deals with such bands. And that is the main difference probably between our music scene and yours, ’cause your bands very often can be successful (commercially I mean) without being signed to major labels, then you call it “indie”. But in our country you HAVE to be signed by majors if you wanna succeed, I mean REALLY succeed. And that’s why “indie” in traditional sense is an utopia in Ukraine.

What was the last record you bought?

It was a Bob Dylan’s “Slow Train Coming” vinyl LP, I had a feeling I’d bought a treasure ’cause I really love Dylan. The bassist bought something of Limp Bizkit, probably something that was missing in his collection, and I know definitely that the last record our drummer bought was “Hide From The Sun” of The Rasmus.

What do you like more about WeLoveYourSongs and what you would like to see improved?

I like the whole idea of WeLoveYourSongs, I mean to help hundreds of bands from all over the world to be heard. Every musician wants and deserves to be heard, you know. And the only thing that I’d like to see improved it’s a fan base, but I guess it’s only a matter of time.

What are your plans for the rest of 2011 and 2012?

Gigs, gigs and gigs again. We are striving to play live as often as we can and at as many places as we can. If we’ll manage to have a gig abroad – it would be fantastic. And some new songs will be definitely recorded, as an EP probably, we’ll see.

Is there anything you want to say to your fans out there?

It would be a usual but sincere thank you. The only reason why music is written and played – is its listeners. Without fans even The Fab Four wouldn’t reach anything. Thank you again, lads. -


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