Rollin' B. "Mr. 708"
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Rollin' B. "Mr. 708"

Band Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter


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Steady Grinding vol.1 "Da Hoodtape", Almost Famous, More Than Muzik vol.1 "Da Hoodtape", & My Life, My Story



Rollin' B. started rapping when he was a freshman in high school. He went from battling rappers from rival schools, to rapping at lunch tables at his own. With his captivating style he hopes to capture the hearts and ears of music lover's worldwide. His resume includes shows with Kanye West, Twista, Legit Ballin Records, Strong, JaRule, Alicia Keyes, Lil John & The Eastside Boyz, Ashanti, and so on and so fourth. With his versatility and ability to rap fast or slow he aims to seperate his self from the norm, and truly become one of the best artist's of his time. When asked what separates him from most artists he states, "it's my hunger to succeed, and my ability to speak for those without a voice." Rollin' B. grew up in Ford Heights "Eazy Greazy", a small town south of Chicago. It was there that he quickly learned to survive. "Growing up out there, you had to be tough. Either that or play a sport. I initially wasn't the tough guy. So I played basketball and was very good at it. That's how I stayed out of a lot of trouble." But like the saying goes, you don't have to look for trouble, trouble has a way of finding you! This was true in regards to Rollin' B. "I got in a lot of trouble from 8th grade on. I was arrested a couple times and from there it kept getting worse and worse." That is until he stumbled across music. Even though his dad was a musician, Rollin' B. never gravitated towards music. It wasn't until his dad got a studio built in their home and instructed Rollin' B. not to touch it that Rollin' B. started getting curious about the world of music. "It was like all I thought about. Maybe it was cause I was told not to use the equipment, I don't know but I just couldn't stay away from it. I used to sneak and play the different instruments every chance I got." Then his sophomore year he met a guy named Crandon(Icky Tunes), and they formed Imperial Productions and since then the rest is history. People ask all the time where did he get the name Rollin' B. "Mr. 708" from and he replies, "Rollin' B. came about because my name is Royalend(pronounced Roland), and the movie "Juice" came out and Tupac's name in Juice was Roland Bishop. So this guy named in my school named Ryan was calling me Roland Bishop, and it stuck for a while. So when I picked a rap name I chose that but eventually dropped the Bishop and just kept "B" cause I didn't want anyone thinking I was trying to copy off of the movie. "Mr. 708" came about because that's where I'm from. Everyone wants to be king of the "Chi" and chief, and Prince, when most of them aren't even from Chicago. Me, I take pride in where I'm from. I'm not from Chicago, so why claim it. Most feel they have to claim Chicago to validate what they're rapping about. Not me. I choose to be the voice of my community. "The Greazy"! Thats what I'm about. I want to rep for the people out my way cause half those people that be screaming Chicago all over their tracks couldn't tell you the first thing about it. So that's how that came about." So will Rollin' B. "Mr. 708" rise up from amongst the treacherous ranks of the hip-hop game and truly become one of the greatest ever? Stay tuned and find out. For Artist and collaboration info contact: Crow @ 708-299-6235