Rolling Blackouts

Rolling Blackouts


"The Rolling Blackouts sound as if somebody stuck punk firecrakers in a classic-rock pie". - LOS ANGELES TIMES


A small packed garage in Echo Park, California. Smoke fills the room. Cheap beer and Boone’s Farm wine spray through the air. The whole room seems to sway and laugh and scream in unison. In the center of the room, the soundtrack to the party – the ROLLING BLACKOUTS! Kids singing along to every chorus. The sound is classic Who run through a 70’s punk blender, Beach Boys harmonies buried underneath…this crowded room sounds like a

The Rolling Blackouts are Southern California’s best rock n’ roll band…hands down. Effortlessly blowing away the competition…..and they are ready to come out of the garage.

2004 has been spent playing every show and every party in SoCal by night, and making their debut full length, Black Is Beautiful, every other available minute. Produced by Dave Cooley, mixed by Tony Berg, Dave Sardy and Cooley, Black Is Beautiful is 11 singles. No joke.

On August 10th 2004, Record Collection and True Love Records will unleash Black Is Beautiful on the world. The Rolling Blackouts may not even notice
the day, as they are already well into a grueling tour schedule. Constant touring, no days off. That’s the way they want it.



Black Is Beautiful (Record Collection)