Rolling Maroma

Rolling Maroma


electronic solo artist


started to play guitar when I was 9 years old, keyboards I know a little I tough myself
have 3 years with this proyect
the bands i like the most are: sebastien tellier, daftpunk, pulp and the cure

Set List

its about 90 minutes I play the electric guitar in 4 songs, i have one complete song i play with the yamaha tenori on, i sing in 4 songs, i do a drum and bass version of the song wiked game by chris isaak and also mix a small part of the notes from the song what a feeling from the movie flashdance, this songs are not sampled i played the notes on the keyboard with different arrangement, sounds and tempo. two of my songs have arrengements with acoustic guitar, everything else is played using synths: Novation Supernova, Ks rack, Vstation soft, olga, nostalgia and Fm8, and i make my own sounds with transfuser, reason, protools and cubase. The back chorus are recorded using harmony engine and recently add a beautiful girl name alejandra to sing vocals.