Roll Models

Roll Models

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Playing for huge crowds, great lyrics and old school beats with a new school flavor. The Roll Models deliver lyrics smooth and steady. Music for anytime of day or for any situation. The songs are fun and clever and never negative. Represented by JTL Artist Mgmt.


Roll Models consist of Matty Live and S.I.R. Since this duo has been together they have performed in front of crowds that average 500 or more people. Their first performance was in front of 450! Not bad for an act that is still in the process of writing their first CD called “Pot of Gold.” In fact their success performing in front of large crowds are a result of their hard work promoting themselves and their music. They also have other's assisting with the promotion and who deserve a lot of credit as well. It's team work and dedication that gets the job done.

Both artists are influenced by performers from many different genres and they truly have a love of music. Their sound is totally unique and has a cool, fun vibe to it. Roll Models are quoted saying, “Old school music really had a good feel to it and everyone liked it. New music has gone in a completely different direction than old school and in a lot of cases you can't listen to new music all the time. You have a lot of music that you can only listen to in specific situations. For instance driving, or clubbing, when you’re with your girl or getting ready to go out, etc. We strive to make music that you can put on at anytime of the day and in any situation. Our music has many different looks to it and not just one sound or style.”

Inspiration for their lyrics comes from being a teenager going through everyday life. It’s not easy being a teenager in an adult world. We really want to keep things fun for a long as possible but we know we need to stay grounded as well.

We want to send a positive message with our lyrics and also have fun with them as well. We like to have a good time and put everyone in a good mood with our music. It's especially fun to perform when everyone gets into your music, knows your lyrics and puts their hands together and claps. We can really rock the crowd that way. Thats what we aim for.


Pot of Gold (coming soon)

Set List

Get Fresh
Feet on the Ground
Coast 2 Coast
90's Babies