Rollover Mariner

Rollover Mariner

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Since forming in 2010 Nashville's own Rollover Mariner has been making waves with their unique blend of gang vocals, familiar hooks, playful synths and roaring guitar solos layered throughout high energy live shows. They'll leave you fully satisfied while wanting more... like a good ol' bear hug.


"I really hate trying to give reviews of records or artists; well actually I really love giving my opinion. I just find it hard sometimes to avoid, the cliché analogies and descriptions like, “if so and so married so and so and if they had a love child and locked it up and only fed it blank for weeks and then gave it up for adoption to blank it would grow up to sound like blank."
My friend gave me a download of his album “I Only Have Ice For You" and he asked for my opinion. Well this is my review. I remember when Bobby started playing several years ago, I could see the spark of something really first-rate, but it wasn’t easily visible to the ordinary pack. I think he has closed that gap. I remember seeing him play with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica and a hat and a beard a sense of fear and apprehension mixed with a sly, “I know something that you don’t" undertone. And whatever took him to Kansas City to make this record, was probably a little wind of providence, which allowed him to have all the instruments needed to fill up the songs, and the time to spend baking them. I always consider myself a good cook but terrible baker, I rush through song writing, but I am always impressed with people and bands who take that extra time to show the systematic thought process of art. I think this band falls in that category, art. Give them a few listens, the album gets stronger from beginning to end, and stronger each time through. My favorites are “It’s You" and the track, “The Hour (Baptized at Sea)".
And for those who love comparisons to other bands and predictable dictated examples to get your head around here you go: “if Beck married Modest Mouse and if they had a love child and only fed it the good Wilco songs and gave it up for adoption to The Killers it would grow up and sound like Rollover Mariner." Your hip mom could listen to this, and it would sound good on or off drugs or you could be the drugs…" -Jerry Drew, Dallas, TX


Grace's Ghost

Written By: Bobby Hopkins

Gather round' one and all
Cuz this ships about to sail
We'll let the waves lead us on
Far out into the dark

Where the stars explode
And they'll set free Grace's Ghost
She'll fix our fingertips
So that the prints read innocent
But you don't want to go it along
No you'll never make it alone
Oh, I don't want to go it alone
I'll never make it alone

O Lily (Hang On)

Written By: Bobby Hopkins

Your Pa fell apart at the seams
Dropped your Mum and her habits
Oh, gave up on everything
Now, you're down by the ports
Where you're begging the sailor boys
To steal you from the shores

O Lily
I'll hold you still
I'll hold you still

The moonlight rains down
Soaking through
Your little ballerina shoes
Now, You're up on the top deck
Where you dance for tips
From all the lonely gentlemen
O spinning pirouettes

O Lily
I'll hold you still
I'll hold you still

So hang on (Hang on O Lily)

If I bought you a boat
And we sailed across the world
'Til we found a new land
Hey could we name it "No Man's"?

Would you meet me in the middle of the sea
If I taught you to swim?
O Lily, I'll hold you still
So hang on (Hang on O Lily)
Oh I'll bring ya home...

It's You

Written By: Bobby Hopkins

Tonight I feel
Well, really nothing at all
I thought I heard you whis-perin'
Thought I heard you call
I think a lot these days
And most often I'm wrong

Tonight Your hands
Oh, Your hands are there
When I close my eyes
I feel you holding me still
I know that it has been a while
But I know that it's You

Oh it's You
You're the one I want tonight
Oh it's You
Oh it's You

And I feel so sick
And my body aches
And shakes and shakes oh and shakes and shakes and shakes and shakes
There's no pills this time to take
They don't make anything quite so up to date

So it's gotta be You
You're the one I want tonight
Oh it's You
You're the one I need tonight
Oh it's You
You're the one I want tongiht
Oh it's You

The Hour (Baptized at Sea)

Written By: Bobby Hopkins

The hour before you go under
Everything's clearer
Youv'e got a man by your side
And his smile at night
The water surrounds you
Well that's when you wake up
And the devils come out

Right now
This seems wild
But I want you to hold me
Hold me close

You tell
Secrets and passwords
Codes and stories
With your eyes
You hum lullabies

What now
Can I say?
To catch you where you are
Where you are

Right now
This seems wild
But I want you to hold me
Hold me close

A good Captain won't give up on his ship
He'll hang around the whole way down
A good, good Ocean oh she won't quit
Until She watches the whole crew drown

Right now
This seems wild
But I want you to hold me
Or let me down

I know
What you're feeling inside
Like you don't even know me
But I've let you down...


Written By: Bobby Hopkins

Burnin' bridges
And I'm starting right here
Going clear across
The wild, wild west (yee haw)

But I'm alright
Really I'm doing just fine
I've got my babybird
To take me home

Everywhere I go
Yeah every road I take
Every turn that I make
I end up...
In the same damn place

Oh I'm dyin'
Yeah I'm dyin' right here
For a ticket out
Of this old town

But I'm alright
Because you're here
I've got my babybird
We're gonna face my fears

Everybody that I know
Yeah everyone I meet
Every face that I've seen
They're all the same...
They're just like me

I've burned my bridges
And now I'm stuck
Here on the otherside
I wanna get back
To the midwest

That's where I left
My family
But I've got my babybird
She's gon' take me home

No matter where I go
No matter who I meet
No matter who I turn out to be
It's all the same
In every place
They're growing old
And dyin' young
But they're having fun
Just close your eyes
Just close your eyes
And you're here with me


"I Only Have Ice For You" LP (2010)