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Rolo is a new breakout artist from Houston that delivery sets him apart from any one in the music industry. His aggressive and lyrical style sets the bar for hip hop in this new generation.


Born Roland Edomobi on June 9 to an American mom and dad from Cameroon, West Africa, ROLO is Houston native rapidly rising on the hip hop scene.

As the fourth child in a family of six boys and two girls, ROLO grew up as an average kid with humble beginnings and no interest in music. However, by his late teens he sought music as a way to escape some of the harsh changes he encountered growing up. Among the changes were his father suddenly leaving the family and his grandmother stepping in to help out, his own eventual dropping out of school, and finding a way to cope after learning that two of his brothers he looked up to jailed for a brutal crime.

At 18, ROLO officially immersed himself in hip hop by listening to the likes of Scarface, Tupac, Ice-Cube, Notorious BIG, Nas, and Jay-Z. As it turned out, ROLO had a hidden talent for the art which was discovered accidently but noticed distinctly.

ROLO’s standout skills caught the ear of Sup Johson and Cook who invited him to be a part of the U.N Productions family. Now, with his first album under his belt, ROLO is giving taking Houston hip-hop to the masses by commanding the stage and controlling the mic.



Written By: Rolo

Crawlin "Tip Tippin Down Slow"


America's Migraine (Mixtape), Project Superstar(Mixtape)