Rolodex is well...Rolodex. The underdogs of alternative rock in Edmonton Alberta. Their unique show, and pumping music are a hit for almost everyone. Blues, rock, punk, ska, metal... Rolodex is all of those...and none at the same time!


No Rolodex is not a watch! (thats a Rolex!) and their not an address book either, their the underdogs of the Edmonton music scene. Those that know them know them well, those that don't know them don't know what their missing!

Their hard pumping mix of rock, punk, blues, metal, and even a bit of country blend together to make danceable, headbanagable music. And those that just want to sit back and listen can even enjoy the smart, thought provoking lyrics of Luke Kowand.

The base trio is often joined by as many as three other musicians for their live shows. After all, their upcoming CD does feature multiple guitarists and keyboardists. A 'Rolodex' of musicians, if you will, are called to arms to come play and enjoy Rolodex's high energy show from the other side of the stage.


Rolodex have released many indie releases in small pressings of 25-50 discs. They include:

Touchie Marines - The CD that started it all. While not the hard hitting rock music that is known today, this electronic release was the first project released under the "Rolodex" name.

oneSTEPatAtime - 15 tracks shwoing off Rolodex's first live show, a few acoustic tracks, unreleased tracks from the 'Touchie Marines' recordings, and other rarities.

BreakingOut - Rolodex's first 'studio' recording which sold out in minutes at it's release in the summer of 2004. The CD was released with two different covers (one black, and one white) most copies were signed by the band. Myles replaced Cael for the making of this record. Therefore no bass guitar is present, but lead guitar is!

BreakingOut SE - The special edition of BreakingOut included remastered versions of the original songs, different cover art, and five bonus songs.

We are shadowed, Pull me out of this cage - A special run that is still currently available. it includes four of Rolodex's top songs. This is the first album featuring bass guitar!!!

a preview - A three song demo that is currently available at shows, or wherever you may find a copy. This CD is currently being distributed personally by the band. Copies of it have been left everywhere from phone booths, to bus benches, to coffee shops, even plugged into students lockers!

Set List

The most common show for Rolodex includes a six to ten song set that lasts from 45 to 60 minutes. During this time they usually only perform high energy songs. Other shows that are 80 mintues or longer usually have a few covers thrown in as well as some of the more relaxing songs that show off the softer side of the band.