Ever seen a rock band that could knock your teeth out through a sonic onslaught that combines the best elements of classic and modern music? No I didn't think so!


Five years, five long, exciting years... thats how long Rolodex has been delivering it's unique blend of rock music to venues in and around Edmonton. Sure the draw these guys see is not in the hundreds, but they bring people together from all walks of life, ages, and social scenes.

Part of what brings all these people to there shows is that there is litterally a song for everyone in the bands huge catalouge of original tunes. A set may start off with your basic late 90's rock song, but then be followed up by a modern Emo song, only to be topped by a progressive rock tune, and finally a blues or funk song in there as well. It's funny how that all these different styles can be thrown in to the mix, but the individual style of the group still rings through.

The band really takes it to the next level in songwriting; they always make sure the borders are non-existant when it comes time to write a new song, especially when it comes to something new. They never go 'lets change this part to make it more radio friendly', its never a compromise for them. They just play it and sing it how it is, always trying to upstage themselves. This techique really payed off when the band recieved the '2005 Billboard World Songwritting Award' for their original tune named 'The Flag'.

When asked who influences their music, everyone in the band has a different answer, most of the time from different genres. Some of these answers include: Dustin Kensrue 'Thrice', Matthew Good, Mark Makoway 'Moist', David Usher 'Mosit', Danny Carey 'Tool', Flea 'Red Hot Chilli Peppers', and many local artists that have fueled some fires in our great city.

Never sacraficing anything for the purity of their music, Rolodex have become one of the more original acts in Edmonton, but also the greatest underdogs the city may have ever seen. Are they the best kept secret in Edmonton just waiting to happen? Or are they the band that will slowly rise to the top but never really become a house hold name? Who knows....its still way to early to tell!

More info (and definatly a great Rolodex hangout) can be found at: or


The Flag

Written By: Rolodex

As I look up all I can see
Is a b-52 dive-bombing me
As I look around for a place to hide
I fell as if I have lost my mind
All these people are grinning at me
With rifles smiling with glee
Trapped in a pocket with nowhere to run Hunting season has just begun

Why can’t you follow me
Into a bomb shelter, please hurry
Save your life by falling back
I cannot bear the blood on my hands
One more bullet is in the chamber
Watch as I click the trigger
When will this world end
When will peace begin?

All I can see is the darkness inside your eyes
As you are filling with fear tonight
My world is becoming undone
As I look up at the flag, in the sun!

Every-time I hear your voice
It seems as if we have no choice
But to follow you or die
I would rather commit suicide


Rolodex have released a number of personally distributed discs, including:

One Step at a Time - Live version of their first show, includes B-sides from the begining of the band

Breaking Out - First EP. Only 500 printed. None remain in Rolodex's possesion

Bombshell (single) - First 'studio' recording of Rolodex. Includes the single 'Bombshell'!

We Are Shadowed. Pull Me Out of this Cage - A three song demo disk. Very limited pressing.

Preview of Things to Come - a preview disc that includes three very early versions of songs to be featured on their debut full length due out in 2006.

Proximity - Self titled full 7 song (45min) album due out Summer 2006.

Set List

A typical Rolodex show lasts around one hour. The one hour show shows off Rolodex's more agressive song writing that keeps the audience rocking throughout the night. It is not uncomon however for the odd mid tempo or slow song to squeeze in. Each show is never the same as the group taps from over two hours of original material.

Rolodex have also done on many occasion small acoustic shows that show off the softer side of the group. The quartet have written most of the their music to transpose into a softer atmosphere quite easliy, and make for a completely different listening experiance.

Oh, and a few covers here and there are thrown into the longer sets.