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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Quote by Kramer"

“I barely made it thru the first minute of the first song before my heart began to pound. this is GREAT music. This stuff speaks directly to my heart.”

Mark Kramer- Record Producer (Low, Galaxie 500, GWAR, Urge Overkill) Composer, Musician. Involved in the early days of the shoegazer movement. - Mark Kramer, known as "Kramer"

"EP Review"

"These are a set of soft pop tracks with an indie edge and an ambient feel all around. The music is well written and formatted. The guitar work is steady and loose at the same time. The songs are all built on melody and feeling. The added beats and drum work add depth and a radio freindly aspect to the CD. The vocals are very smooth and the harmonies and backing vocals are perfect for the style of the e.p. The production is good and the mix is balanced out very well. There are all kinds of extra sounds that add to the ambience and sometimes to the story. These are love songs with power, style, and an underground/indie feel to them. Very well written."

Joe Conte- A&R Representative (A&R Select), Producer, Composer, Hollywood, CA

- Joe Conte

"Press Release 2007"

Press Release, 2007

“Planetarium” out of this world

    Los Angeles, CA – “Planetarium” has done nothing but gain momentum since its release in December 2007. The song emulates the dichotomy of Romance and Noise’s name, offering emotive melodies, melancholy and vulnerability at the very same time that the music suggests strength and resolve. Recalling the world of alt-rock and the audio aesthetic of the shoegazer movement, Romance and Noise performs lush music that fills the air with guitars and gorgeousness.
    “Planetarium” demonstrates the band’s ballady side without eschewing the thick guitar crunch that is part of Romance and Noise’s trademark sound. The gentle elements in the song draw the listener into the world of emotions that opens up from the songwriting of this band, whose sound captures the recent past as well as the future just around the corner. The dense but not uberheavy side of the instrumentation adds muscle to the mix. And, ultimately, the enrapturing female vocals complete the picture and act as vanguard for the fleet of powerful sounds headed this way.
    “Music, to me, is the greatest way of expressing the human condition,” says Carrie Grisham of Romance and Noise, explaining the meaning behind the grunge and beauty juxtaposition present in the group’s songwriting. “My music philosophy comes down to two golden rules. Stay genuine and true to what you’re creating, and don’t be afraid to experiment and color outside the mainstream lines.”
    Romance and Noise is steadily working on new music. A four-song EP is currently available and a full length album is in the works, expected to be released in early 2009. Romance and Noise will be playing select dates in the U.S. and Canada to promote the new album upon release.
    More information is available by visiting,

- Romance and Noise Press Release

"Quote by Carlos Cruz"

"It's kind of like Mazzy Star having sex with Cowboy Junkies" regarding Romance and Noise's music. - Carlos Cruz


Romance and Noise 4 song EP (2008), Currently in the process of recording full length album. A bit of history: Carrie Grisham also released a 5 song EP and a full length pop rock album called "No More Rock Stars" with former band Radiomotive. She also played drums on a 5 song EP with former Dallas ethereal-rock band Kittenwhip.



The year is 1995. Carrie Grisham, a cold and lonesome exchange student living in Germany discovers a dusty acoustic guitar sitting idle in her host families spare room. A passion is born and the house is soon filled with clumsy chords and butterfingered versions of Nirvana songs. All of a sudden Germany doesn’t feel so cold.
Upon return to the U.S. Carrie buys an electric setup, begins writing a collection of songs and joins her first band at a local college. Craving more diversity and music opportunities she moves to a large university town where she forms the band Radiomotive with fellow students. Radiomotive plays clubs, festivals and theaters throughout the Dallas, TX area building a loyal following over the next few years.
Carrie then discovers the drums while banging around on her drummers kit and finds herself joining local ethereal-rock band Kittenwhip as drummer. After honing her drum chops Carrie also ends up in the Dallas super-group rock band GIRL. Carrie loves this musical wonderland and her creative juices are flowing so she writes many songs, sometimes working through the night. She discovers the music of Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine, and The Pixies through a friend which leads her to seek out and saturate herself with any shoegaze and post-punk music she can find. Carrie fills her headphones with the sounds of Ride, The Verve, Slowdive, Catherine Wheel, Chapterhouse and Lush while continuing to listen to influential artists such as PJ Harvey, Jeff Buckley and Smashing Pumpkins. At this point she experiences a surge of new ideas for her own musical works, sketching madly in notebooks and experimenting with effects pedals to find unique textures for this dreamrock music she wishes to create.
Seizing this momentum Carrie packs up her life and heads west to the musical mecca of Los Angeles. Upon arrival she continues to write, play and record her dreamrock music, forming what is now Romance and Noise (the name comes from a CD Times review describing the music of My Bloody Valentine). Romance and Noise has released a 4 song self-titled EP and is currently recording a full length album which will feature the novel blend of swirl, fuzz, reverb, drone, grit, melody and avant-garde that has become the essence of Romance and Noise.