Romance Forgery

Romance Forgery


Cryptic messages, the lyrics they spit at you are subtle whispers that give way to screams to peel paint off of walls. With rhythms that are comparable to a Miles Davis tune drunk and naked in your bath tub, Romance Forgery come out the floodgates, all oscillators blazing.


Aaron Hoppe and Andrew Barnes had been playing together for eight years when they moved in 2004 from Seattle to Oregon to hijack folk singer Elena Mendoza for a high energy rock project. A few months after the band formed, Elena fell in love with the talented and accomplished upright bass player, Sean Rogers, formerly of Tuscon based Amor and Golden Boots, thus completing the quartet.

Musical backgrounds varying between a traditional Mexican upbringing, classical/ jazz training, Seattle indie rocking and prog. rock embarassments.

The ecclectic mix of influences and estrogen fueled vocals lend to a spastically beautifull intricately woven blanket of sound.

Live performances set off by hormone laced erotic novel readings and salival exchanges pull the audience into an unexpected intimacy with the band. The band will be falling off the stage from exertion by the end of the set.


Romance Forger is currently working on our first EP, which we will self-release by August 2nd. We have two singles which recieve local airplay and have accumulated over 5,000 plays between and Early November will find us in the studio again to record a full length.

Set List

In a typical set we play around 13 songs, with occasional sweeping ambient samples and sounds breaking up the sections of rock. A sample set list might look like this:

End of the World
Sex As Revenge
Oscar Winner Micheal Caine
Circles, Colors and Addictions
Building Bombs
Perfect Heathen
Estoy Armada
Trash Cans
Ecstatic Formation
Under the Stairs
Sunday Eve
Sad Bastard

Our sets generally run between an hour and an hour and a half. All songs are original.