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Roman Dane (the Band)

The “Antiphony Rock” sound of Roman Dane was conceived in Toronto in the early summer of 2008. The way the diverse individuals in the group were united, was by responding to an advertisement in “Now Toronto Online” posted by the singer and main songwriter Roman Dane. By mid-summer it was apparent that they had all the makings of a great rock ensemble, and continue to show an amazing talent for creating music that will undoubtedly be heard and enjoyed by the masses in all corners of the world.

Enrique de Vinatea (drums)

Born and raised in Lima, Enrique de Vinatea is a nationally renowned, Peruvian drummer. His expertise as a live and studio drummer has gained him exposure on multiple albums and tours including arena and collosieum venues. As the drummer for various solo artists, such as Paul Dianno of Iron Maiden, and influential bands in Peru, de Vinatea gained international exposure with the formation of Peruvian punk rock band “Contracorriente”. Two full length European tours followed with “La Ira de Dios”. Having relocated to Toronto just one year ago, for the purpose of advancing his career internationally (where it matters), Enrique is delighted to have landed the role as Roman Dane’s drummer.

Rich Adam (bass, vocals)

I was born in Toronto, Ontario and raised in the small suburban town of Kleinburg, Ontario. My father was a musician, in his early years he played the saxophone and the clarinet. A friend of the family bought me my first guitar when I was five years old. In fact, my guitar was in the shape of (at the time my favourite Disney character) Mickey Mouse. I was ordered by my family to take piano lessons at the age of six and quit as soon as humanly possible. I was not a fan of the piano until I grew older as I had developed the knack of playing the instrument by ear. I was never great at it, but this new found interest was the inspiration that led to my involvement in musical creation. In gradeschool, my teachers recognized that I had musical abilities and involvement in musical creation. As a result, they assigned me to learn the French horn (not the easiest instrument to learn) which I was stuck playing for the next 4 years, during which time I started taking bass guitar lessons. My teacher was a blues bassist; however, I was not interested in playing the blues. So I took what I had learned from him, and for the next couple of years continued to learn styles and techniques on my own. In high school, I became very interested in playing the bass guitar seriously, so I joined our school’s “stage band” as the bassists. We travelled to schools across southern Ontario and played cover songs of popular music. At this time I also played in local bands in the York Region punk rock scene. This continued for several years. Recently, I was yearning to join a band once again, to fuel my maturing musical interests. I joined Roman Dane in the summer of 2008, filling out the bottom with my bass. My interest in the band was peaked immediately, as I was especially drawn to the heavy, melodic guitar sound as well as the emotional outpour of heart felt lyrics from the lead vocalist. I’ve had previous band experiences, and I am pleased to say that I really enjoy this new project. We all get along very well, share similar goals and interests and we respect each other’s musical ideas and input in our bands’ direction and future. It’s really refreshing to participate with other musicians who are talented and really easy to work with in a creative forum.

Natalka Podstawka (piano/keyboard, vocals)

Toronto pianist Natalka possesses international dexterity and distinctiveness. A recipient of numerous international and national scholarships, Natalka is a University of Toronto graduate in the Faculty of music, also in the midst of completing her double masters in theory and performance. A graduate of the Royal Conservatory, she has been active as a soloist, accompanist, and chamber musician. Natalka was a founding member in the “Monster Concert” series; a group of 20 pianists led under one conductor that performed at Nathan Phillips Square, Mel Lastman Square and appeared on Breakfast Television, as well as Canada A.M. Recently, Natalka has been active in the musical community of Detroit, Michigan as a member of the New Music Ensemble, solo recitals, instrumental accompanying and numerous musical events. Immediately drawn to the innovative and authentic style of Roman Dane, this band has given her the platform to “shine her brightest shine.”

Roman Dane (guitar, voice)

…Long looks in the mirror

Stolen at birth by Wolves only to return in oneness a songstress.

Could I go on this?



Written By: Roman Dane

Does it hurt you to hide, and crawl on the floor?
When your dreams won't subside dop you stumble or soar?

Soak up the sky, You are Dragonfly.

Openning soon Like it or Not.
Earthquaking queen, with silver warm watts.

When the moons got black in its eye.
When the day's gone, Black in the sky.
You are Dragonfly.

Mercy's for free, Guilt is as marked.
This poison machine has poisoned your heart.
Every angle of this pleasure only hurts, won't make things better.
Every single word you say makes me want to feel this way.
You, you'll despise me
You, you're never minding.
You are Dragonfly