Romantic Jazz

Romantic Jazz


Our music is from the Great American STandards Song book. Gershwin,Rodgers and Hart,Van Heusen,Mancini,Mercer,etc. done in a very sophisticated style.




Romantic Jazz will accompany your wedding to perfection, whether it’s during the ceremony, cocktail hour or reception.

For the understated elegance of a solo piano to the excitement and extravagance of a full big band, Romantic Jazz does it all.

Our musicians will know just the right material to play to enhance the atmosphere and guide your wedding with the proper energy. Request are always honored, and welcomed.

If you are concerned about volume, our musicians always balance the room so your guests can talk comfortably and still be caressed by sophisticated jazz. If you are looking to get people dancing, any of our groups can shift gears to get the whole crowd on the floor.

Romantic Jazz is your turn-key source for concert planning, whether a private or public concert, indoors or outdoor.

If you want to take a trip down memory lane, or make a night of new memories, Romantic Jazz Events has just the ticket.

If you have a passion for ballroom dancing, you’ll appreciate the accomplished range and versatility of our instrumentalists. Big Band, classics, cha-chas, waltzes, tangos, rumbas, meringues or salsa, Romantic Jazz Events does it all to make your formal event resonate


Just Think of it CDNOw
Chance Encounters
Christmas Song Book
Critics Say…

“It doesn’t get any better than this. Jeffrey Gordon should market his own piano brand”- Bob Perkins, WRTI, Philadelphia, Pa Radio DJ

“Jeff Gordon is an elegant thoughtful player whose solo’s are sophisticated melodic and tasteful”- Jan Klincewicz,

“You only have to listen and know you’re in a very special presence listening to Mr. Gordon articulate the songs he plays.” - Denise Montana

“Jeff Gordon on piano, offering elegant arrangements to match the moonlit voice of Stephanie Biddle” - Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotline

Set List

Varies, but about eight songs a set from the GReat American Songbook