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ROME’s music and live performances speak of love and intimacy… the human hunger that draws and binds people together. His lyrics and vocal styling are bold and contemporary, fresh and provocative.


Platinum-selling R&B recording artist, Rome, is back on the scene and ready to reclaim his spot at the very top of the music charts. After stepping away from the music scene for the last few years, the former RCA Records golden boy is about to release several hot new singles under the MiddiWest Music Group label. The heavily anticipated release of these singles is expected to return Rome, and his trademark smooth, sexy voice and lyrics, to the forefront of the music business.

Rome, born Jerome Woods, hails from Benton Harbor, Mich. As a young boy Rome grew up listening to and singing along with his mother’s favorite records, principally Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke, whose influences are very apparent in his music today. Like many other R&B and Soul musicians and artists, he also spent many Sundays performing with the church choir. While in high school he joined an R&B cover band, Fire Ice, that gave him the opportunity to travel in the Midwestern area performing in local clubs and talent shows, both with the group and on his own. Woods would later go to college at Alabama’s Oakwood University, but Los Angeles, and the dream of making it big in the music business was too big a lure. He dropped out of Oakwood in 1989 and made his way West. Rome’s talent helped him to stand out from the thousands of others who make this trip to the music industry beacon that is Hollywood and Los Angeles. He hooked up with Vesta, touring with them as both a backup vocalist and also appeared in industry showcases as well as several cable-access programs which slowly began to help Rome break through the crowd. Finally connecting with a couple of producers who had some ties to RCA Records, his demo was forwarded to the executives at RCA, an industry powerhouse, the dream target for almost all who dared to even imagine such success. Rome’s dream and journey became reality instantly. RCA, recognizing what they had, signed him on the spot. His self-titled debut LP, “Rome,” appeared in 1997 and quickly climbed to the top of the charts, earning gold certification.

Despite the records immense success and the legion of followers and fans Rome attracted, creative differences between the artist and the label led to Rome releasing his follow-up album independently. Though the album did well commercially, the difference between the support of a major label like RCA and what his independent distribution could do, particularly at a time when digital distribution and all the options that now affords, was not available, took a heavy toll on the artist. A bit burnt out by the way things went with RCA and the toll of the second album, Rome stepped away at the top of his game. He chose to walk away to focus his energies on his family and on getting back to the roots of who he was and what his music was all about. He knew that when the time was right he would return.

The time is now right.

Hooking up with legendary R&B and Hip Hop music producer, Piermid, of MiddiWest Music Group, Rome and Piermid have rejuvenated the R&B category with new, fresh beats and melodies that will take the category by storm. It was a long wait, but this is exactly the right music for the right time, so the wait has been worthwhile. A new era of R&B is the only way to describe this beautiful music. Rome is back. R&B is about to get a major shot in the arm.

Are you ready?


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