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Syracuse, New York, United States | SELF

Syracuse, New York, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop


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"Penance For Fornication" and "Mid Space" is played on Jango internet radio.

Verses Vol. 1 Mixtape(2010)

Includes the song "Much As We Do" and "Born Jw". Both shows off Rome's Lyrical ability.

Currently working on his mixtape "New York Terminal". Check out his single "iPod of New York".




Jerome Betsey Jr(Born OCT 18, 1985), better know as his stage name Romeattic, is an American Hip Hop Music producer, song writer and rap artist born and raised in Syracuse, New York. He is also the founder and owner of Indie label Digital Architectual.

Rome started creating beats at the age of 15. Sitting and watching TV with his younger sister. Rome saw a Sony Playstation commercial advertising Mtv's Music Generator. A game that allows Sony Playstation users to create their own beats. This seriously interested Romeattic.

A few weeks later at a local Wal-Mart, Rome not having a job at the time asks his older sister to purchase the game for him. Rome gets home and is shocked at how complicated this game looks on screen. At the time music was a foreign language to him. His first couple of beats were in the style of Techno. Months and years of hard work on the Playstation, Rome finally understands how hip hop beats work and how to work his way around the game(program).

Years later Rome is starting to create some amazing sounding beats. He started to expand his instrumental style from just Hip hop. He dabbled in some Alternative, Techno, Film soundtrack material and House music.

Snoop and Notorious B.I.G are the first rappers that Rome ever heard.

When he turned 16, Rome decided to pick up the pen and pad to start writing his own rhymes. Inspired by rapper Common, Talib Kweli, Dj Hi-tek and Eminem. Listening to these 4 really moved Rome to start creating his own material. Years of working hard, Rome now has progressed tremendously.

Romeattic has upgraded his music equipment and is making some amazing beats. "I still use my Playstation every now and then though. I try not to front on that system. Cuz it taught me a lot and I made some CRAZY beats off of it(laughs). Now that it's out there, my next thing is to wait till one of those beats are on a HIT record, then I tell people 'yea I made that on my Playstation'. Now that's crazy(laughs)." Says Rome.


Born and raised in Syracuse, Rome was brought up in a broken home. Romeattic's parents divorced when he was 2 years old. Raised by his mother and 3 other sisters. 2 older and 1 younger. Raised in a very religious household, his mother was very strict on her children. Rome looks at being brought up in religion as a great thing.

Romeattic's mother wanted him to be focused on being a Christian and reading his bible. At the time his was focused on music and eventually grew a strong love for it. Rome mentioned that to his mother, she denied and criticized his decision. With his decision to stay focused on music and not religion, his mother refused to show any kind of support toward his goals and dreams.

While making many beats at home, there were many times where Rome would wake many of his siblings up from the sounds. His younger sister was his biggest critic. At times she would say something bad about his beats, and Rome would consider what she said, and it would actually help him improve his music.

Musical Career:

From the beginning of Romeattic's music career, he started with basic, "He, She and Be" rhyme material. Once he heard Detroit rapper Eminem, he was amazed! He was amazed at the big and unique vocabulary that Eminem had.

With constant effort and focus, Rome increased his rap vocabulary and started to understand rap techniques. Rap techniques like flow, lyrical ability, and breath control.

Years later, Rome was introduced to a young rapper named "Cornelo" in 2006, who was in another congregation from him. Rome had the beats and rhymes, Cornelo had rhymes and a style that sparked Rome's interests! Cornelo and Rome not only developed a musical chemistry, but also a strong friendly chemistry.

Great ideas and songs were developed between the two. A year or two later, they both recorded a song titled "What You Need". This would be Rome's very 1st song he produced. With not much effort being put toward releasing the song and promoting it, the song has been removed from Romeattic's catalog and was never released.

Later, Cornelo realized that he wanted to go the religious route, Rome still wanted to go the music route. In the end, they both went their separate ways.

Rome went on with his music ideas that he had for many years. After moving out of his mother's house, he was able to focus a lot more on his music. With much time, patience, effort and dedication, Rome is finally making progress toward his dreams and goals.

2009: Loading(EP)-

His current single "Penance For Fornication" displays only one of Rome's many dimensions that he as an hip hop emcee possesses.

Rome offers lyrical ability, uniqueness, creativity and much more!





Film/Tv music: