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He is the eldest child in a family of natural talent, born in Kuwait of Palestinian decent. He was named “Ahmad Asmar” after it was decided to go against the original name chosen “ROMEE”. Having to flee the country as a toddler due to civil unrest, the family fled to the United States. He has spent the last few years between Texas and New Jersey, currently residing in New Jersey. Growing up in a slowly emergent broken home just made it harder to cope with stress and depression until he was introduced to Hip-Hop. He started with writing lyrics and verses to beats, free styling with classmates around the way. It was just a matter of time before he laid his hands on some equipment and got serious with his songs; his thoughts, his words and his passion became his stimulant his fuel. When looking for a way to have himself known via his talent he chooses the name “ROMEE”. His objective first and foremost is to become the best rapper/musician of Middle Eastern decent and to provide the industry with in your face original, provocative and thought provoking material.

He is currently working on a forthcoming CD/album. Collaborating with his brother Abe as IBBYROM they bring youth, energy and in-depth lyrics to life under the guidance of Stay Real Entertainment. Showcasing his writing and vocal talents with his mastery in the art of story-telling, vivid imagination and creative energy. The infectious hooks in Lick Your Lipz” that speaks of a night out with the guys, you find yourself singing along even though you’ve never heard the tune before or the political misunderstanding and injustice in “Aladdin a.k.a. ROMEE” a song of his lineage and the announcement of "It's Romee" informing everyone of his arrival. He has appeared in open-mics from Maryland to New York, he opened for "Harold Melvin's Blue Notes" this past Spring, and a recent requested addtion to the monthly line up at "The Dancing Goat Cafe" in South Orange, NJ.
He's auditioned for the Apollo Theatre and recently auditioned and scored a slot in the acclaimed All Is One Entertainment's, Faces in the Crowd, for their July Showcase, a coveted industry showcase where only twelve (12) out of eighty (80) were selected, with he being one. Romee writes and creates from a perspective of a young man caught-up in the nuances of the day. These words are a record of him and his life as he knows it, as he says; “I’ve been writing these songs in my head all of my life”.

He expresses his creativity through drawing and poetry. He hopes to broaden his international appeal by releasing music in his native tongue, Arabic. When recently asked how serious he is about his craft he stated “although I take my music and career seriously, I don’t take myself too seriously, art and spirituality, reflect the soul, which puts self into my music”. With never wanting to mistake hype for substance, stardom is sure to follow this young man.