Romeo Goes To Hell

Romeo Goes To Hell


The band that puts the 'n' back in rock and roll! Two-Car Garage rock! Super cool! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!


Up-tempo, loud and raw, RGTH comes from the punk rock arena, but is also influenced by 80’s hair metal, power pop, new wave, post punk and indie rock. The unique sound of this band appeals to a wide range of people with various tastes while holding its direction and musical integrity. Recordings of the band offer a chance to hear the subtler aspects incorporated in their music, while live performances exhibit infectious energy that leaves the crowd always wanting more.



Written By: Romeo Goes To Hell

Lean in closer baby,
'cause I'm needin' a kiss.
I ain't never met a lover
that did sweeter than this.
And when the rocket meets the socket, I'll be passin' the test
Got a team in on the weekend
just to clean up the mess.

Show up for the blow up
on the combat block.
I'm a bucket full of nerves,
I'm a box full of rock.
They're all crazy over there,
They're plastic animals.
And I'm runnin' outta thrills just as fast as the pills.

Want is my religon
and the praying don't stop.
I'll keep reachin' for the preachin'
you keep callin' the cops.
And we'll be sleepwalkin' streetwalkin', mockin' the clock,
all those famous high school virgins
who do nothin' but talk.

I wonder how they made you feel,
I wonder what they made you do.
You said that we're all full of machines,
I said goodbye 'cause I know it's true.


Romeo Goes To Hell just released ther debut, Two Car Garge Rock, in August 2005. We have also had tracks on compilations: Socyermom Records Winter Sampler 2004, and Rock Outside the Box Vol.2. Recording for our new disc will start this spring.

Set List

We adjust our set list to fit the other bands we are playing with, the crowd and our mood. Typically we will play fast and loud with only short breaks for around fourty-five minutes. We pride ourselves in having the quickest set-up/tear-down time EVER.