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Romey aka The Midwest King is currently on Billboard, has ben featured in The Source,,, and MTV Mondays. From Chicago to Madison, be on the lookout for ya boy Romey. New 'I am King' Mixtape drops Mid July


It’s hard to stand out in a city full of stars. But instead of being intimidated by all the hype surrounding the Windy City’s overnight celebrities, Romey is confident he’s got what it takes to shine with the best of them. Like his platinum Chi-town counterparts Kanye West, Twista and Common, 23 year-old rapper Romey is destined to join his city’s rap elite.

“I’m that voice for the hustlers”, explains the 6’7 rhyme pusher who hails from Chi-City’s notorious Southside section. “There’s a whole bunch of different styles in Chicago that cater to all types of people. Like Kanye, he speaks to the average person, thugs, backpackers, the ladies and we love and embrace him for that. Common speaks for the conscious listeners. Then there’s a new generation of rappers like Bump J, Sly Polaroid and myself that speak to the streets. Were all different, but its all Chicago. We all get that love.”

With his whole city behind him, the young MC is ready to make the leap from a regional success to a nationwide contender. He’s aligned himself with some of the country’s most influential mixtape and radio DJs, who have been spreading his words like the gospel. There couldn’t be a better time for the self titled Michael Jordan of the rap game to redirect rap back to a time when lyrics outweighed hooks and rappers focused on the power of their words rather than their material value.
Born and raised in the gang-infested neighborhood known as the Wild Hundreds, Romey grew up turning the negative images around him into moving street narratives. As a kid it was nearly impossible for him to escape the evil trappings of his hood “I’m gang affiliated”, he explains. “Everybody around me was in a gang so I really didn’t have a choice.”

Romey’s life at home wasn’t very different than what he saw outside. His mother was a well-known hustler in and around their Roseland neighborhood for 20 years and she had no problem teaching her oldest son. “I used to steal drugs from her and sell em”, remembers Romey. “At 11 I was making like $200 or $300 dollars a day.” But before he finished junior high, Romey’s mom was sentenced to four years in prison. “I went from having everything right along with my mother to her going to prison.”

In 1994 Romey and his two younger sisters were sent to Memphis to live with their Aunt. After six months, Romey moved again, this time he went to live with his father in Milwaukee. There he attended high school and continued to do his share of dirt while his mom sat in jail. It wasn’t until a friend at school introduced him to Jay-Zs Reasonable Doubt that Romey found a way out of his trife life.

“I seen how powerful Jay was with his flow and how he effected the way that I looked at hustling and all the stuff I was going through”, he remembers before making the jump from the street to the booth. “That’s what ultimately made me wanna get into rap.”

For the first time, Romey started questioning his morality on records, a skill that gives him advantage today. On one of his latest mixtape gems, All Has Changed Romey raps, As I look in the mirror I’m shaking my head/ Cause I’m knowing I’m foul, how I’m making my bread. He goes on to reflect on his not-so-happy upbringing by breaking down the three lowest points of his life on “I Don’t Have Nothin”. Romey also proves he can talk about more than his stormy past on the soulful Bobby Womack sampled P&Q’s where he pops a bevy of clever analogies like: “I’m like Ron Artest with a O Z/Cause all the other ballers know I’m known for the most D.”

Romey has aligned himself with Chicago’s top mixtape suppliers, DJ Pharris, DJ V Dub who have been continuously leaking his records directly to the street. Outside of the Midwest, rap fiends have recently gotten a huge dose of Romey thanks to his DJ Sickamore hosted CD/DVD, The Chicago Takeover. Backed by the same mixtape DJ turned A&R that helped polish and present underground MCs Saigon and True-Life to the masses, Sickamore’s stamp is a huge feat for rapper outside of New York City. When I met Sickamore, he sat and listened to like 10 of my joints straight, recalls Romey. He was just like, “Yo, you’re crazy, you sound incredible! I wanna work with you.”
With some of the industry’s top tastemakers cosigning, Romey is ready to spread his word like the gospel. And unlike most rap rookies that have their sites set of merely catching the next short-lived buzz single, Romey is focused on the qualities only the greatest MCs posses. His knack for recreating his own hard knock life on record makes him a rarity in an era littered with hip-pop acts whose catchy hooks are their biggest claims to fame. It wont be long before Romey solidifies his place in Chicago’s already illustrious lineup, proving his voice is exactly what the games been missing.


Romey ‘The Midwest King’


Opened For

Lil Wayne

Kanye West


Young Jeezy

Gucci Mane

Nikki Minaj


Clubs Performed at/ City

Alhambra Palace/Chicago

Tini Martini/ Chicago

Passions/ Milwaukee

Opheum Theatre/Madison

Vicenzi’s/Green Bay


Amnezia/Des Moines


Don Hill’s/ New York City

Bowery Club/ New York City

Club Vain/ Chicago

Fluid/ Philadelphia

MixTape/DVD Releases

2002 Fill like a Mill ( Maxi Single )

2002 The Streets is R's Vol.1, The Streets is R's Vol.2

2003 The Streets is R's Vol.3, The Get Rich or Get down Mixtape

2004 The Goodfella's Mixtape Hosted by Sickamore

2005 The Chicago Takeover CD/DVD Hosted by Sickamore

2006 The Chicago Takeover CD/DVD Midwest Edition Hosted by Dj G-Spot and Mixed by Dj Stretch,

2006-07 The G-Mix Hosted by Dj Chuck T,

2007 Midwest Gangstaz Mixtape Hosted by Sean Mac

2008 Hard Rock White Vol.1 Mixtape Hosted by Sean Mac, Romey Vs. Wayne Mixtape Hosted by Sean Mac

2010 I Am King Street Album/Mixtape

* Over 100,000 Mixtape units sold

Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Hosted by terrence J of 106 & Park

Call of Duty – The LiteShado DJ Nilla

Bottom Bitch Vol 65- J Green Moneytalkz

Major Movements Vol 39- King Swat

Tunnelbangas Vol 1- DJ Poohgeez

Russian Roulette- The Litshado DJ Nilla

Blockwork 26- DJ York Gutta

The Rhapsody- The LiteShado DJ Nilla

It Is What It Is Vol 4- DJ Butter B

Theory Mixtape 20- DJ Cire

Network= Networth Vol 6- DJ Vlad

Coast 2 Coast radio Jumpoff Mixtape- Coast 2 Coast

Unsigned Mixtape- FreshBoy

Hustlers 2 Kings- DJ Biggz

Underground Fix Vol 14- The Underground Fix

Grind House Muzik V1- Devon Golden

Tales From da Hood- Vol 1- DJ flash

The Up Norph Boi’s- DJ Fusion

Takin Over Mixtapes- DJ Classy

Female Pressure- Charlotte Narni

Lords of Hip Hop Vol 3- DJ Femmie

More Money, More Problems- DJ GL

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Summer Wrap Up Pt 2- DJ D1

New Music- Miss DJ Gemz

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Coast 2 Coast Bound Vol 3- DJ Quinn

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Music Addict Vol 26- DJ Jonny Miles

All The way 100 #4- DJ 100

This Iz Harder- DJ Tony Harder

We Makin Moves Vol 3- DJ Jenny J

Heat In The City 18- DJ D Wiz

Supernove # 21- DJ Novastar

The Hood 2 The Woods Vol 1- Underground Fix

Knock Out radio Vol 2- DJ Knock Out

All the way #100 #3- DJ 100

Sugar High Vol 1- Notorious Nip

Music is My Weapon- PMT

Twitters Got Talent- DJ Rok

Rhythm and Bangers 2- DJ 100

Renaissance- DJ Nilla

Breakin Records 101- Money Matt

Streets Don’t Lie- Don Moroko

The Rundown 5- Sinque

My Style radio Vol 1- DJ The Entertainer

Got Jamz- DJ SL Jamz

I Still Believe- DJ SL Jamz (9/17)

Press Appearances (TV/ DVD/ Sites/ Blogs)

Source Magazine: Unsigned Hype, Off The Radar, Independence Day, & Tale of the Tape Column. The First rapper to have all four of those coveted columns.

MTV's Mixtape Monday- The Chicago Takeover, The G-Mix, Hard Rock White Vol.1 Mixtape

XPOZ Magazine- Next Files

RIME Magazine- Draft Pick

Umoja Magazine- Featured Artist

Wisconsin State Journal- Featured Artist

Madison Times- Featured Artist The Breeding Ground Alumni

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All or Nuthin’ DVD

Block Report DVD (July 2010)

Crack DVD

Hip Hop Reloaded

Spate TV (July 2010)

Get Ryte TV (July 2010)

Video City TV (July 2010) (July 2010) (Sept 10) (Sept 10) (Aug 2010) (Aug 2010) (Sept 10) (Sept 10) (Sept 10)

Hip Hop Weekly Magazine (Print Sept 10)

Radio Interview/ Airplay

93.1 Jamz Madison

95.9 FM Appleton/ Greenbay

Hate Money Radio on 1.FM Jamz w/ DJ Bedtyme357 w/ DJ NoPhrillz

The Round Table w