Romi Anauel, left the well known band Terrakota after 12 years, to join the Soldiers of Ra. Romi offers an adventurous and wild mix of African Roots, Jazz, Reggae, Funk and Afro-Cuban sounds, which the band, eleven musicians, merges into a ­breath-taking, unique and hypnotic style and performances.


Romi Anauel, starts her new solo project together with her new band ROMI ANAUEL & SOLDIERS OF RÁ.
Romi Anauel has been for 12 years the front singer in Terrakota, the world musical ambassadors of portuguese multiculture. From their beginnings in 1999 she has
contributed penetrating melodies, and her magical and energetic performances leaving always an indelible impression on spectators.
Together with Terrakota, she has put her voice in African rhythms seasoned with Arabic and Indian influences and spiced with Flamenco, Dub and Reggae, traveling
with her versatility stages all around the world, such as Coleur Café, Polé Polé, Polé Polé Beach, in Belgium, Amsterdam Roots and Festival Mundial in the
Netherlands, among many others in Israel, Morocco, China and India.
Being with Terrakota, the band won the prestigious MTV Music Video Award from Portugal (2008) and was nominated by Song lines Magazine as one of the Best
Alive band (2011).
Romi has now landed in Amsterdam where she is also busy collaborating with the acclaimed band Di Gojim, representative of klezmer and balcan beat music since
25 years ago in the Netherlands.
At the beginning of 2012, during her stay in Barcelona, she quickly establishes musical ties with Alberto Perez (member of bands like Asikides, he has performed on
stage with international artists like Omar Faruk, Free Hole Negro, Mayte Martín...) and Raúl del Moral (member of Grupo Puja, has performed together with acclaimed
artists such as Armand Sabal-Leco, Txell Sust...), both of them multi instrumentalist musicians, composers and producers, who come from different musical influences
such as Jazz, Flamenco, Funk, Afrobeat, Latin, Reggae... This combination together with Romi Anauel's melodic and spontaneous voice and her afro contemporary
roots (she was borned in Angola) result in this mixed triangle of ROMI ANAUEL & SOLDIERS OF RÁ and its first and so much expected solo album, “Love Merkhaba”
which comes from a pyramid supported by three bases: love laws, transmutation and consciousness.

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"Love Merkhaba"
To be released 20 April 2013

Set List

You Look Like
Take a Moment
Let the Money
Hesta Coba Comi
Under my Skin
Up and Down
Ojo x Ojo
Soldiers of Rá