Soul country, haunting dynamic vocals ranging from pure blues to bluegrass to folk genres. Guitars galore, and intrumentalists to knock off yer socks.


All influences generally range from 40's- 70's country, blues, and folk. Also Canadian folksters and Detroit Motown.


I Don't Mind Dyin

Written By: Romney Getty

when the water runs dry, likea river in the sky
I've travelled long and far, to remain a lonesome star

When the thunder rolls away, I could see a brighter day
but I'd leave it all behind, like the devil in my mind

I Don't mind Dyin, as long as you and I are in love
I Don't mind Dyin, casue there'll be no more cryin.

This war just can't be won, when the dealin has begun
oh its like I said before, there'll be trouble no more

I Don't Mind Dyin.........


All songs have had radio play, from album "Fill In Your Grey" New album set for release summer 2007

Set List

1- 2 hour sets, including all new unreleased material and two- three tribute to favorite artists such as Townes Vandzandt and Allman Brothers, Dolly Parton.