Rompe La Piñata

Rompe La Piñata


Rompe la Piñata, the band that plays cumbia and vallenato with the looks of a contemporary rock band.

With a repertoire of over 80 typical folklore songs, including a few composed by them, this guys definitely give a new face to the Vallenato and Cumbia genre.


Rompe la Piñata was born in Nantes, France, in 2002, when Camilo met Julian, both exchange students from Colombia at the Université de Nantes.

They started to play Vallenato and Cumbia in the streets, just for people to enjoy and get to know the music from their homeland, Colombia.

The small band soon became well known and six months later they were being booked for gigs in latin bars and restaurants in Paris.

When they returned to Colombia in 2003, Juan Pablo and Nicolás entered the band. The four member group started to play in all kinds of events, from small house gigs, to big local festivals and they´ve been doing this almost once a week since 2003 to this day.

In 2012 the band was invited to Guatemala to play in a big private event, in which their unique style, wild performance and exotic music transformed the venue from a very formal gathering into a big crazy, unpredictable party.

Being influenced by all the great names in classic Vallenato and Cumbia, such as Andrés Landero, Diomedes Díaz and Alejo Durán, to name a few, as well as many great rock bands through history, from the Sex Pistols to all the 90`s Seattle movement, Rompe La Piñata takes Vallenato and Cumbia to a whole new, fresh, powerful level.


Rompe La Piñata. EP, 2012